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Play simple games with friends in your server

Created By: Avatar of Zivex Zivex# 8211

Have some downtime in your server? That awkward moment where nobody has anything to talk about or memes to share is no more! Start a game with an opponent in your server, and you're away!

This bot features a variety of classic, simple games: >tictactoe, >battleship, >mastermind and >connect4 (with an extra 4-player mode: >megaconnect4!) If you ever need to leave mid-game, there's a command for that! >stop will end the game for you, should you need it. Feeling a bit competitive? Climb the leaderboard to take the top spot in your server, or even the world!

Simple gaming, now in your Discord server with the Community Games bot.

Note: although there are only a few games at the moment, there are plans to add many more!

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avatar of JDtheQwerty
JDtheQwerty 20 days ago

Amazing games, easy to use, it's great for having a fun time with friends.


avatar of Japscorcan√re
Japscorcan√re 20 days ago

Whenever I want to play Connect 4 or another game like Mastermind, this bot is the easiest way for me and my friends who want to play to play especially on Discord where it is easy to both chat whilst also playing the game at the same time. I highly recommend putting this bot into your server or at least giving it a try because the way the bot is built is really fun especially the leaderboarding mechanism which makes the game competitive in the manner of who gets the most wins in the game overall with all the other games that the amazing developer Zivex has put into this great bot. It is really fun and overall really easy to use. Love this bot and please keep up the great work and thanks for reminding me to vote for this bot, just for how great this bot is and this bot is honestly underrated and I feel like personally it deserves more attention to the Discord community.


avatar of projectyellow13
projectyellow13 14 days ago

Simply, this bot is amazing. It has good games to play with friends, the leaderboard mechanic is cool if you like being more competitive and it is easy to use! I highly recommend this bot for your server.