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A multi-purpose bot for a shrine maiden at Yae Village. A bot for GIFs, Weather, Management, Info, osu!, and Google searches


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Hello there, This page will soon be updated once we have released v5, but for now let me explain what this bot does...
Jonin is a multi-purpose bot with hudreds of servers, most of our commands are user reqests or improvements on popular bot commands. Jonin is verified if you were worried about that! There are constant feature additions and updates to keep the bot fun and relacent. You can request a command on the bot by donating to the Patreon here. By donating you also gain special perks on the support/community server for Jonin. If you want to see the commands that Jonin has, check below (Note: Due to issues this may be outdated):

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avatar of Shinohi
Shinohi 28 days ago

For the past 6 months I have been following this bot and the developers, The Developers are extremely kind and put great effort and passion into this bot, They fix any bugs quickly and make custom commands for their supports, and lastly they made this bot extremely enjoyable to use as well as helpful to use. If your interested in a bot with Useful Information, Enjoyable games and text, and a responsive dev I would say this bot is best.


avatar of Noor
Noor 28 days ago

This bot is funny, the chat command is fun to use and it’s constantly being updated.