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Partnership with Catastic

Hi, we've partnered with Catastic, a large cat server we've been working with for some time now to provide a better support server and general community for Cat Bot. All support and other bot related things will be transitioned to their server. Here's an invite: https://discord.gg/TFJwqMj

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The Simplest Cat Bot

Created with ease-of-use in mind, Cat Bot responds to the word "cat" (or "cats") in 80+ languages with an adorable cat photo and fun fact.

With our new CatCacheTM system, bot response times are usually less than 150ms. In other words, faster than the average blink of an eye.

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CatDrawz 2 months ago

Cat bot is very easy to use, and provides cute and quality pictures. It could always have more commands, but I think it’s amazing the way it is!