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Anti nuke, Anti raid, Anti spam, custom verification, advanced moderation, advanced utility and a lot more at your service!


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Stop anyone from trying to destroy your server, verify members, block raiders and spammers efficiently and have the best moderation commands!
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Anti Nuke
Wick is the very first bot on Discord that came up with the anti nuke concept. And it has been perfected over time and now it's an absolute beast.
Wick will watch admins/mods for:
  1. Mass Kicking and Banning
  2. Mass-Channel Creations and Deletions
  3. Mass-Role Creations and Deletions
  4. Mass-Emojis Creations and Deletions
  5. Mass-Webhook Creations and Deletions
You will also be able to tweak the anti nuke filters to your liking!
Auto Mod
Wick uses a unique way to auto moderate in your server.
Wick will watch for:
  1. Normal Message Spam
  2. Similiar Message Spam
  3. Emojis Spam
  4. Super Large Messages
  5. NSFW Links
  6. Discrd Invite Links
  7. Malicious Websites
  8. Attachments Spam
    1. - Embeds
      - Images
      - Files
      - Links
      - Stickers
  9. @Mention Spam
    1. - @Everyone
      - @User
      - @Role
      - Mention CAP
  10. Zalgo Spam
Anti Raid
Wick is used by the largest servers on Discord to combat raiders.
  1. Join Gate
    1. - No Avatar Filter
      - Account Age Filter
      - Bot Addition Filter
      - Advertising Names Filter
      - Unverified Bot Filter
      - Suspicious Account Filter
  2. Verification
    1. Wick has an undetectable captcha verification that is super efficient at filtering out unwanted accounts.
  3. Join Raid
    1. Wick will monitor all joins and will react if your server is getting raided.
  4. Heat Panic Mode
    1. Once Wick senses a raid, it will start eliminating any suspicious account trying to raid.
Wick has the fastest lockdown system on Discord. We are talking about locking a server with 500 channels in only half a second.
  1. Lockdown a certain channel (and optionally hide it)
  2. Lockdown all channels (and optionally hide them)
  3. Make live updates to your members during lockdown
  4. Auto kick/ban new accounts joining your server
  5. Lock your staff members
Wick has most powerful and customizable moderation commands.
  1. Warn
    1. Wick can also punish people reaching a certain number of warns
  2. Mute
    1. Wick can mute a member or multiple, for a period of time optionally. You can also mute members that are not in your server.
  3. Quarantine
    1. Wick's unique very useful mod command, the Quarantine helps you eliminate any staff member and basically strip them off power entirely. They also won't be able to see your server.
  4. Kick
  5. Ban
    1. Ban a member or multiple, optionally for a period of time. You can also soft-ban or hack-ban.
  6. Purge
  7. You can purge:
      - Bot messages
      - User messages
      - Webhook messages
      - Messages sent by members with no profile pictures
      - Messages sent by members with 0 roles
      - Embeds
      - Attachments
      - Links
      - Discord Messages
Wick offers very useful tools that give you detailed information about members, roles and your server:
  1. User Info
    1. You can view a lot of information about a certain member in your server.
  2. Recent Activity
    1. You can view activity regarding:
      - Recent Pings
      - Recent Kicks/
      - Recent Bans
      - Recent Channel Creations/Deletions
      - Recent Role Creations/Deletions
      - Recent Webhook Creations/Deletions
      - Recent Emoji Creations/Deletions
  3. Role Info
    1. You can view information about a certain role, what dangerous permissions it has and more.
You can whitelist a member, a role, a channel, a category and even invites when it comes to:
  1. Spamming
  2. Mass Pinging
  3. Posting Invite Links
  4. Touching Quarantined Members
  5. Pinging @everyone
Wick has a very customizable and helpful dashboard you can use to setup Wick perfectly.

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