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WoW Classic Price Bot is a bot that allows you to query the auctionhouse for simple AH item searches, to more complex AH crafting prices. It can set a predefined realm for your guild, or support all realms and factions.


The bot must be setup by a member that has access to kick and ban (usually mods and admins). It has two settings that can be configured.

  1. Predefined realm (typically nice for guilds on a fixed realm)
  2. Defined bot channel (the bot will only reply to price inquiries from this channel).

The bot can also be setup to have no predefined realm or channel, this is done by supplying a single wildcard-character "*"

The setup is simply done in the Discord-server. In any channel.

Command syntax

wowpricebot-serversetup <realmname-faction> <channel>

Example predefined realm and channel

Lets say you have a "item-prices" channel in your Discord, your realm is Firemaw and your guilds faction is Horde: wowpricebot-serversetup firemaw-horde item-prices

The bot will now be configured, has a single realm configuration and will reply only in "item-prices" channel.

Example no-predefined realm, but predefined channel

wowpricebot-serversetup * item-prices (multi realm setup)

Example predefined realm, but no predefined channel

wowpricebot-serversetup firemaw-horde * (single realm setup)

Example neither predefined realm or channel

wowpricebot-serversetup * * (multi realm setup)


Item prices

price <realmname-faction> <itemname> (multi realm setup)

price <itemname> (single realm setup)

Crafting prices

craftprice <realmname-faction> <itemname> (multi realm setup)

craftprice <itemname> (single realm setup)

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