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Truth Or Dare games, Miki ship & marriage bot alternative, roasts, pickups, covid-19 stats, nickname generator, gambling, GIF reactions...


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⭐ NEW! Make a Sentence Game!

Check out our brand new sentence game! Fun for all your members while boosting server activity! Do `-sentence` for setup and details.

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About PixxieBot

Run the -help command to get help and info about the bot.

Set your own server prefix with -prefix [new].

Join our support server for help and to ask for new features and post your suggestions! We love hearing your feedback!

Become a Patron and help fund Cancer Research while PixxieBot roasts your friends!



  • Play -truthordare with friends! Written specially for Discord!
  • Over 50 funny GIF interactions with other server members (browse the list using -help).
  • Roast your friends with a random -roast from a list of 200 funny and nasty roasts.
  • Use cute, weird, funny and NSFW pickup lines on other server members with -pickup!
  • Post a funny Chuck Norris joke with -chuck!
  • Have a -bubblewrap popping race with your friends! First to post a screenshot of all the popped bubbles wins!
  • Check your covid `-antibodies` results!

Make A Sentence

  • Easily set up a -sentence game in your server!
  • Members take turns writing one word each.
  • After punctuation (., ?, !, word.) the bot posts the full sentence in the channel of your choice!
  • Boosts server activity!
  • Unique to PixxieBot!


  • Get the latest Coronavirus stats for the globe or specific countries using -covid or -covid country.
  • Use our database of 38,000 historic dates to get a random date and fact from a date in -history.
  • Get a list of the number of astronauts -inspace right now!
  • Get the current exact position of the International Space Station with the -iss command.
  • Get a random -drag queen profile from RuPaul's Drag Race.


  • Lock channels to make them image-only! Our -imagelock command is perfect for memes channels, photo contests or in-game media sharing.
  • Get a user's account age, role colour, profile picture and more with -whois @mention.
  • Purge up to 100 messages in one go.
  • Check where your server stands on our global leaderboard!

User Reviews


Based on 16 reviews

avatar of wALTER_EGOle
wALTER_EGOle 2 months ago

It's a good bot. Truth or dare is great fun.

avatar of PixxieBot
PixxieBot 2 months ago

Thanks for your review! Glad you're enjoying the bot!

Replying to wALTER_EGOle

avatar of RFKaya
RFKaya 2 months ago

Sorry for my bad english. It maybe the best bot you've ever seen. But many features are need paid. It would have been better if it were not so.

avatar of PixxieBot
PixxieBot 2 months ago

Thanks RFKaya! 😊 I'm glad you're enjoying PixxieBot. We do have a few features that are for Patreon supporters only, but the large majority of PixxieBot's features are free for everyone to use. Half of our Patreon earnings go directly to Cancer Research UK every month, and the other half of the earnings help to cover hosting and other running costs for the bot to keep it alive. Enjoy the bot! Mac#8888

Replying to RFKaya

avatar of πŸ’«πŸ˜ˆπŸ’₯BlackCanaryπŸ’₯πŸ˜ˆπŸ’«

Where to start?πŸ€” This bot is so much fun that encompasses all aspects of gaming, fun and online friendships all in oneπŸ™ŒπŸΌ Where else would you have a bot and a developer that lets you send suggestions and make your ideas become a fun reality for all ? Mac has (and continues) to make himself and his patrons so proud. If you haven’t tried it yet...you really should!

avatar of PixxieBot
PixxieBot 2 months ago

Awesome BlackCanary! 😊 Glad you're enjoying our Patreon perks!

Replying to πŸ’«πŸ˜ˆπŸ’₯BlackCanaryπŸ’₯πŸ˜ˆπŸ’«

avatar of CamimileTea
CamimileTea 1 month ago

Pixie boy is a fun addition to my server, adding some fun and laughs all around

avatar of PixxieBot
PixxieBot 1 month ago

Awesome! That's what she's meant to do! πŸ˜‰ Glad you're enjoying it!

Replying to CamimileTea

avatar of stuff
stuff 1 month ago

This is quite a fun bot! There are many interesting commands, and I really feel like it has a good variety. There's something here for everyone, and in the servers I added it to people have lots of fun with the truth or dare and shipping commands. What I would suggest for the bot is just to continue adding more truth or dare prompts, especially truths, and make the reactions a bit faster. Other than that, amazing and fun bot!

avatar of PixxieBot
PixxieBot 1 month ago

Thanks for your feedback! 😊 I'm glad you're enjoying the games. We do add new truth or dare prompts regularly but it is quite hard to come up with ones that are adaptable to Discord. Enjoy! 😊 Mac#8888

Replying to stuff

avatar of Christine Rose
Christine Rose 1 month ago

Oh pixxie... where do I begin?! Looking for a sassy bot from an awesome creator? Pixxie is for you. Looking for a bot to bring the fun and laughs? Pixxie is for you. Want more awesome ways to interact with your friends? Pixxie is for you. She has some awesome Patron perks as well, which raises funds for an amazing cause. Check out Pixxie and if you love her, consider becoming a Patron too

avatar of PixxieBot
PixxieBot 1 month ago

The OG Patron β™₯ 😘 Thank you! πŸ€—

Replying to Christine Rose

avatar of DaddyFeep
DaddyFeep 1 month ago

A lot of originals game, very fun

avatar of PixxieBot
PixxieBot 1 month ago

Glad you're enjoying PixxieBot!

Replying to DaddyFeep

avatar of Nan
Nan 1 month ago

It's great to be able to help charity while doing something you like. Helping cancer research and spreading awareness is one of Pixxie Bot main focuses. For instance, on October 2020, Mac (developer) introduced a Project Pink event where you can use -ribbon command that pinkify profile pictures as a way of showing support and raising awareness. In addition, the bot has many different commands categories like: love, kinky, bitchy, evil, animals, food, facts, history and is always upgrading and is really super fun.

avatar of PixxieBot
PixxieBot 1 month ago

Thanks for your support! 😊 And yes we'll definitely be bringing project pink back again next year to pinkify Discord even more! πŸ˜‰

Replying to Nan

avatar of HanzouDaisuki
HanzouDaisuki 1 month ago

I absolutely love this bot! It has a TON of different perks and fun games, I definitely recommend this bot to ANY server!! Its even great to mess with alone, (I haven't seen many bots that can do that) or if your friend are online you can play around with them, Its very hard to look for a bot that's CLOSE to being this amazing! My personal favorite commands are "-r" "-ship" And "-antibodies"

avatar of PixxieBot
PixxieBot 1 month ago

Glad your enjoying roasting your friends! πŸ˜‚ Thanks for your review! 😊 I really appreciate it. Enjoy! Mac#8888

Replying to HanzouDaisuki

avatar of PixxieBot
PixxieBot 1 month ago

Thanks for your message! 😊 Glad you're enjoying it.

Replying to κ’°πŸ”§κ’± π‘΄π’Šπ’– π‘°π’“π’–π’Žπ’‚ ೄྀ࿐

avatar of Post
Post 1 month ago

This bot is Really Good With Stuff that I needed for my Servers, Some Commands are really Hard to know, but the bot is really useful to do some Moderation commands and some fun stuff! and this bot really helped my server alot. 5*

avatar of PixxieBot
PixxieBot 1 month ago

Glad you're enjoying PixxieBot! But the bot does not have and will never have any moderation commands... She's only meant for fun and games! πŸ˜‰

Replying to Post

avatar of Spidey
Spidey 2 months ago

This bot is great fun! I personally like the -penguin/-truthordare/-antibodies commands. Original and sassy! And the best thing is that Mac (Developer) is always open for suggestions and really easy approachable. If you run into a problem, just visit the support server and he’ll always try and help you out!

avatar of PixxieBot
PixxieBot 2 months ago

Thanks for the review Spidey! 😊

Replying to Spidey

avatar of Juju Lawson
Juju Lawson 1 month ago

I think pixxiebot is great for having fun games in your server to play either alone or with friends, the interactions are super nice I like the gifs, although I do think it deserves more interactions. It helps me administrate my server easily and its simple to use.

avatar of PixxieBot
PixxieBot 1 month ago

Thanks for your review! I'm glad you're enjoying PixxieBot! Although it's not meant for administration, I'd recommend another bot for that πŸ˜‰ but it does have a few useful utility features. Enjoy! Mac#8888

Replying to Juju Lawson

avatar of Seanito
Seanito 1 month ago

I've seen this bot used in several other servers and have really enjoyed what it can do - so much so that I brought it into my own server and found setup to be super easy and support even easier! I highly recommend this bot if you're looking for a way to boost engagement in a really fun way!!!

avatar of PixxieBot
PixxieBot 1 month ago

Thank you for your support! 😊 Glad you and your friends are enjoying PixxieBot's features! - Mac#8888

Replying to Seanito

avatar of Mrs_Blue
Mrs_Blue 27 days ago

Truth or dare is a fun feature. Tons of different dares and truths, it does get repetitive at times and there are some spelling errors. But over all I love the feature. There's a lot of features that don't say they're premium only until you attempt to use them. It would be nice to have a separate list of what is and isn't premium. Therefore I personally haven't used a lot of the other features to be able to say they're good or not.

avatar of PixxieBot
PixxieBot 27 days ago

Hey! Thanks for the review. Our premium subscription through Patreon helps fund the bot's running costs as well as 50% goes to Cancer Research UK. Although a few of our features are reserved exclusively for premium subscribers, the very large majority of the bot's commands are free for everyone to use. Most of the truth or dare questions come from a third-party but if you do encounter any problems, please don't hesitate to contact us in the support server and we'll happily fix them! 😊 - Mac#8888

Replying to Mrs_Blue

avatar of ☯Sakura☯

Love the bot only problem is sometimes it may have inappropriate words and stuffs and that is against our rules soo It would be lovely for you guys to fix the inappropriate stuff just a bit that is all the rest is AWESOME

avatar of PixxieBot
PixxieBot 8 days ago

You're free to set up your server in whichever way you want. If you find PixxieBot doesn't adhere to your guidelines, please feel free to put her behind an opt-in roled-access barrier or in a nsfw channel. She can be sassy and that's part of why people love her. Enjoy!

Replying to ☯Sakura☯