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⭐ NEW! πŸ” Hangry Games Simulator

This Hunger Games parody simulator will have you and your hangry friends battling it out for food! Complete with winner's server stats and global kill count! To create a game do -hg in your server and ask your friends to join by reacting with a πŸ”! When you're ready, click 🍴 to let the games begin! May the odds be in your flavor!

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  • Play -truthordare with friends! Written specially for Discord!
  • Over 50 funny GIF interactions with other server members (browse the list using -help).
  • Roast your friends with a random -roast from a list of 200 funny and nasty roasts.
  • Use cute, weird, funny and NSFW pickup lines on other server members with -pickup!
  • Check your compatibility score with someone using -ship!
  • Have a -bubblewrap popping race with your friends! First to post a screenshot of all the popped bubbles wins!
  • Check your covid -antibodies results!

Make A Sentence

  • Easily set up a -sentence game in your server!
  • Members take turns writing one word each.
  • After punctuation (., ?, !, word.) the bot posts the full sentence in the channel of your choice!
  • Boosts server activity!
  • Unique to PixxieBot!

Guess The Number

  • PixxieBot picks a random number in your given range.
  • In a user-defined channel, members compete to guess the number PixxieBot has picked.
  • Complete with global user profiles, server stats, hints and customisable number ranges!
  • Boosts server activity!
  • Unique to PixxieBot!


  • Get the latest Coronavirus stats for the globe or specific countries using -covid or -covid country.
  • Use our database of 38,000 historic dates to get a random date and fact from a date in -history.
  • Get a list of the number of astronauts -inspace right now!
  • Get the current exact position of the International Space Station with the -iss command.
  • Get a random -drag queen profile from RuPaul's Drag Race.


  • Lock channels to make them image-only! Our -imagelock command is perfect for memes channels, photo contests or in-game media sharing.
  • Get a user's account age, role colour, profile picture and more with -whois @mention.
  • Purge up to 100 messages in one go.
  • Check where your server stands on our global leaderboard!

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