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Piggy is a Free Levelling Bot which has a micro-RPG game in it to increase your servers interaction.

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avatar of im turbo bro
im turbo bro 16 days ago

Bit rough starting out can't afford buffs and the battles are 90% lost.

avatar of piggy
piggy 16 days ago

We have made a new release today, in which you can earn coins a lot more easily and buffs can be bought easily, I hope that will help. For further support please join our support server.

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avatar of Swirlycat
Swirlycat 12 days ago

It's nice, but battles are hard and I just don't understand trivia!


avatar of Bounc0r
Bounc0r 13 days ago

Nice to do next to the other stuff users have to do on server.


avatar of FajNA LAma3D
FajNA LAma3D 13 days ago

this is the best pig


avatar of Zoerytdoyo
Zoerytdoyo 13 days ago

This new update now make me lost 24 coins for every single battle.

avatar of piggy
piggy 13 days ago

You always lose 5% of your coins, so if you have more coins, you lose more coins. If you have less coins, you lose less coins. It has nothing to do with the update.

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avatar of SparklerTheBunny
SparklerTheBunny 8 days ago

Amazing, I added it to my server and I am hooked on trying to get my piggy a buff, I think the gifs are pretty cool and videos in YouTube can help you. 10/10


avatar of OperaticTruth
OperaticTruth 14 days ago

Honestly I absolutely love piggy and its only going to keep getting better as the updates roll out. It was pretty 2 dimensional before the update with really only 1 way to earn silver and 1 of 2 strategies to pick from: save up and don't play for a couple of days or battle your heart out and level up your piggy for them stats. Piggy bot now is insanely fun, being able to battle friends, really a whole new realm of opportunities and continued play when exploring buffs and silver making opportunities. My user interaction on my server has skyrocketed because of piggy. We even have double XP weekends every once in a while to make it fun. My feedback to the devs (I know stuff there's a lot of stuff in the pipeline..) add an HP bar to the piggy battles so we can see the outcomes, I've had a couple of people request that on my server. I would also love to see something happen with the gold currency, and there be a lot more of a reward from using trivia - In other words, make battles truly contested as the number 1 way to earn xp. Also, I think more people would play trivia if there was a silver reward for every 5 questions you got correct or something. Loving the bot so far, highly recommend.


avatar of Just a banana
Just a banana 12 days ago

Very nice bot and I like the new updates coming out, it is easy to use once you get used to it, and it is fun to see your pig get stronger through experience and buffs, then you can crush anyway in your way >:)


avatar of kotinii_
kotinii_ 12 days ago

add new money farm system!


avatar of Gabi
Gabi 15 days ago

Very good bot, increased my medium message per communicator by a lot and got me hooked on a cool game. Still sometime I don't get how certain battles work as my defensive piggy get's hammered by players that have lower levels and less buffs. I wouldn't recommend taking the warior class x)


avatar of Nikiyozaka
Nikiyozaka 15 days ago

After this new update; 95% loose rate win 1/2 silver lost 15/20 silver each battle; my opponents are bots.

avatar of piggy
piggy 15 days ago

You always lose 5% of the wealth you have or win 5% of the wealth the opponent has, usually you win against weaker opponents ( who have less coins because they are wea, hence you win less coins ) and lose against stronger opponents ( Who have higher number of coins because they are strong ) We release a huge update yesterday, which made getting coins easier and also introduced a lot of buffs. I hope your experience will get better :)

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avatar of nightispretty
nightispretty 14 days ago

Nice,but my friend wanted to buy an item which was 600 coins,but he couldn’t even even if he had 670 coins.


avatar of tiltbearer
tiltbearer 8 days ago

Fun, simple and engaging bot that everyone in my server loves. New updates are constantly rolled to keep it fresh and I hope they keep this up.


avatar of Daladian Monke
Daladian Monke 16 days ago

very pog

avatar of piggy
piggy 16 days ago

Pog indeed :D

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avatar of shitass
shitass 12 days ago

Please make more money when you win a game i don't want to spend a few hours getting only little coins and it wouldn't even matter when you earn a few because next battle you just lose it from the incredibly good piggys that attack you a pig that just started please add a way to make money easier if you dont it just wont be very fun

avatar of piggy
piggy 12 days ago

You win 5% of the opponents coins, and lose 5% of yours when you lose. There is no new coin generated during battle, just a transfer from one entity to another.

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avatar of biwuaris=^owo^=
biwuaris=^owo^= 12 days ago

o porquinho é um bot muito divertido eu e meus amigos adoramos usar ele! adorei !!!


avatar of Toxic_Zombie
Toxic_Zombie 13 days ago

I think this bot is an awsome idea and its easy to use just long to set up overall 1010 bot I am ganna keep it


avatar of HappyFishPlayzz
HappyFishPlayzz 11 days ago



avatar of Not Me
Not Me 15 days ago

wish there was a way to change your pig or an restart command. Overall its a lot of fun using/having it on your discord server.

avatar of piggy
piggy 15 days ago

It's in the works, we were occupied with the huge update we released yesterday! We have a whole pipeline full of features coming soon :)

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avatar of EiSeNvAtEr
EiSeNvAtEr 6 days ago

Hi, danke für diesen tollen Piggy Bot ;-)