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A Discord version of the board game Secret Hitler.


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Secret Hitler

This bot is based off of the social deduction board game Secret Hitler. In Secret Hitler, there are two sides, Fascists and Liberals. One of the Fascists is Secret Hitler. Like in Nazi Germany, it's up to the Liberals to preserve freedom and prevent Hitler from rising to power, but they won't know who their enemies are.


Secret Hitler is broken up into rounds. Each round, a President will be able to nominate a Chancellor and have everybody vote on if they want the government. If they win, the President will get 3 policies, and can choose one of them to remove. The Chancellor then decides which of the remaining policies they will pass. If 6 fasicst policies are passed, Fascists will win. If 5 liberal policies are passed, Liberals will win. However, there are a few obstacles in the way of the liberal majority.

  • There are more fascist policies than liberal.
  • Fascists will know who each other are, and can organize.
  • When enough fascist policies are passed, the government will be able to take emergency action.
  • Once 3 fascist policies are passed, Hitler being elected Chancellor will make the Fascists win. The Liberals will have to find out information based off of others' actions, and decide who they can trust.


DM the bot help for information about commands, and join the support server if you still need more information.

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