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A bot that updates numerical status of covid19 outbreak and also includes other fun commands.



Summary: covid19 is a bot for updating info about the outbreak and providing fun commands to users

Commands and feature details prefix: c!

help - display a help menu with a categorized list of commands Information commands: status - displays covid19 info worldwide status - displays covid19's information of a specific country. Ex: c!status france would display covid 19 status of France

Commands for trolling and fun(these commands also work without @dding a specific user): infect <@user> - give the targeted user the "Infected" role (restricted only to admin perms) test <@user> - test if a targeted user has "covid-19"(random chances). If yes, give the user the "Infected" role

Commands for memes: meme - display a random covid-19-related meme jojo - display a random JoJo Bizarre Adventure meme

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