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DAC Advertise

Advertise your server to other servers! Grow your server and gain users! Bump your server! Easy and free to use!


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Grow your discord server today!

This bot will advertise your server to other servers.
This is a efficient and easy way to grow your server and gain more users.

How to setup:

Step 1: Run the setup command !setup

Support & Information

Need extra help and tips and tricks and information regarding discord servers? Check out our server dedicated to helping server owners! https://discord.gg/XmrcRkG

Command list

Command Description
!help View all the commands of the bot
!setup Setup the server to use the bot
!bump Bump your server to other servers! Cooldown 1 hr
!setdescription Set your server advertisement
!setinvite Set servers invite link
!setchannel Set the advertisement channel (Bot will post other server advertisements here)
!preview Show server advertisement message
!boost Boost a server to reduce cooldown to 30 minutes, gain boosts by upvotting the bot
!nsfw Toggle/set if server is nsfw
!invite Get invite link for the bot to invite to other servers
!vote Get link to vote for us on top.gg

See how DAC Compares to Disboard:

After checking servers that used Disboard and DAC Advertise with around equal amount of bumps these were the results. Case Study 1#: DAC Advertise: 11 Invites Disboard: 24 Invites

The invites count is excluding users that left.

Case Study 2#: Disboard: 67 Invites DAC: 61 Invites

The invites count here was including users who left.

The statistics shows that DAC Advertise is also very effective in gaining members from half the rate of disboard to almost the same as disboard but that's extremely good considering disboard is a top listing site and DAC is well just a Advertising bot.

Proof that it actually works:

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