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Toram Bot (ToraNova)

Brings Coryn Club's useful information to your server to aid you in RPG Toram Online






Targetted to discord servers who used to have Toram Sensei by Zastrix, this bot serves the same purpose, it was initially a private bot, but after tons of requests it has been made public for the community to use.

DISCLAIMER: This bot is NOT Toram Sensei, it is made from scratch.

At the moment this bot provides the following commands:

>boss (LVL) - Display boss leveling guides

Aliases: >leveling / >levelling / >level

Difficulty Filter:

>hard (LVL) - Display only hard

>nightmare (LVL) - Display only nightmare

>ultimate (LVL) - Display only ultimate

>miniboss (LVL) - Display miniboss leveling guides

>item (Item name) - Display information of that specific item

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