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Tricksy is a fun game bot for Discord with word games and trivia.

Got Game? Help

Got Game? is a fun game bot for Discord. Type one of the following to see commands for each type of game:

?info hangman: Commands for hangman games.

?info crystal: Commands for Name That Crystal! (a crystal ID game)

?info riddles: Commands for Riddle Me This! (a riddle game)

?info trivia: Commands for trivia game.

?info wordgame: Commands for Word Game (a Scrabble-like word game)

?info screwball: Commands for Screwball Eightball (a smart-aleck NSFW eightball (it just swears)).

?invite: Create bot invite link.

?initializeleaderboard: Create leaderboard for server trivia.

Hangman Commands

?hangman: Start a hangman game of any difficulty.

?hangman easy|medium|hard|nightmare: Start a hangman game of the specified difficulty, based on the length of the word or phrase.

?guess X: Guess a letter, where X is any letter.

?guessedletters: See the letters guessed so far.

?hint: Have the bot DM you one letter in the word. Can only be used once per puzzle.

?solve WORD Solve the word. A bad solve counts as one bad guess, but a correct solve counts as a correct solve in your stats.

?pardon: Give up on the current hangman puzzle and end the game.

?challenge difficulty @user: Challenge a single user (including yourself) to a hangman game, and no one else can guess.

?mystats: View your server stats for hangman.

Name that Crystal! Commands

Info: Name that Crystal (Shinies)! is a game to identify crystals!

?namethatcrystal or ?shiny: Generate a picture to see a crystal to ID.

?crystal name: Guess the crystal where name is your guess.

?whatshiny: Give up and show the answer to the crystal ID question.

Riddle me This! Commands

Info: Riddle me This! is a game to answer riddles

?riddlethis: Ask a riddle to answer.

?riddlethat answer: Answer the riddle.

?riddlewhat Give up on the riddle.

Trivia Commands

Info: The trivia database contains 51,000 trivia questions. The answers must be an exact match, so use the hints liberally and feel free to pass if you're not sure. The first person to answer correctly gets the points, so it is based on speed and accuracy. If a difficulty is specified, the harder questions are worth more, but you can lose points for incorrect answers, and you can go negative!

?trivia: Ask a single trivia question of any difficulty and category.

?trivia easy|medium|hard Ask a single trivia question of the specified difficulty of any category.

?trivia category: Ask a single trivia question of any difficulty of the specified category.

?trivia difficulty category: Ask a single trivia question of the specified difficulty and category.

?endlesstrivia difficulty category: Begin a round of trivia questions of either any or the specified difficulty or category. Both are optional.

?categories: List the available categories of questions.

?answer my answer: Answer a trivia question.

?hint: Get a DM from the bot with the first letter of every word in the answer and a hyphen for every remaining letter in the answer.

?idunno: Pass on the question and see the answer.

?endendless: End a trivia round.

Word Game Commands

Info: This is a Scrabble-like word game for Discord that DMs you a letter tray. DMs must be enabled.

?wordgame X: Start a word game with X number of rounds. If X isn't specified, five rounds are used.

?joinwordgame: Join a word game.

?startwordgame: Start the word game.

?play WORD: Play the word, the letters must be in your word tray.

?wordpass: Pass on your turn.

?trade XYZ: Trade the specified letters from your tray for new letters.

?abortwordgame : End the current word game.

Screwball Commands

?screwball question: Ask the screwball eightball a yes or no question. Only works in NSFW channels, otherwise silently fails.

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