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An Amazing & cute bot for all Discord server Invite and enjoy cool Games funny Memes Pokècord game Moderator and economy games invite Now!


S or Suzy

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Hey Suzy's user! I have good news for you all, Suzy updated this is the last update in December,We made a new help system and added bot christmas profile:) Ok so merry christmas & don't forget tp invite suzy enjoy!

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☪️ S kill S kiss S slap S dance S cuddle S hug games ☪️

Hey i am Developer of Suzy This bot is cool for this time i can't to promote my bot and 99% of discord users don't knows about Suzy If you will invite Suzy to your server in first it will be good for you and after for me because like this bot will spreads and people will make know abput Suzy Honestly Suzy is an amazing bot she can tp do anything <pokècord game> <moderator memes and much more

-Cool moderator and server states commands

-AntiSpam system and leveling rank cards

-An Amazing economy coin games

-Cool Avatar quality and Avatar things

-Total more then 276 command for you

-Multipurpose bot for all Discord server invite now

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