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Official Kevin Games bot! ~30 public commands with regular updating and customisable settings! And a future dashboard!


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As some of you may have heard, I am creating a dashboard for Kevin. The main goal of this dashboard is making the customisable settings better and easier to change. But you will also be able to view all commands, the command descriptions, cooldowns and parameters too in the docs page.

In this channel I will post updates, bugs, outages etc.

These are all the settings that you will be able to change to your preference (there is a small description about what a setting does on the dashboard):

  • General settings: prefix, delete commands, logs channel, modlogs channel and a welcome channel.
  • Bypass settings: automod channels, automod roles, bot channels, bot roles and for each command a switch.
  • Command requirements settings: for each command a role menu to choose from (selected roles will be allowed to do the command).
  • Automod settings: verbal warnings, mass mention, advertising, profanity, hoax, spam and caps.
  • Warnings settings: here you can choose what punishment to give at which warning number.

Here is a small preview of the website (this preview doesn't include all settings and is not the final look of the website, but it will give you an idea of the website): Video


  • ~30 public commands.
  • Automod with customisable settings.
  • 14 customisable server settings such as:
  1. Prefix.
  2. Logging system.
  3. Mod logs system (mod actions).
  4. Welcome message with image.

Basic Examples

  • Customisable settings:

  • Welcome images:

  • Automod:

  • Easy moderation:


General Commands Description
k?avatar Check your avatar or someone elses.
k?help Get all commands listed.
k?info Check your account information or someone elses.
k?invite Invite links for Kevin.
k?love Get the love percentage between two names.
k?mute-time Get the amount of time you or someone else is muted for.
k?random-game Get a random kevin games game.
k?random-question Get a random fun question to talk about.
k?server Check the server information.
k?staff List all staff commands.
k?theme Get a random fun theme to talk about.
k?would-you-rather Get a random fun would-you-rather question.
Staff Commands Description
k?ban Ban a member.
k?clearwarning Clear a members warnings.
k?deletewarning Delete a specific warning ID.
k?kick Kick a member.
k?moderationstats Check your or someone elses moderation stats.
k?moderationstats-all Check all the moderation stats.
k?purge Purge a specified amount of messages (from a specified member).
k?set Change kevin settings.
k?settings Check all kevin settings.
k?slowmode Set the slowmode in a channel.
k?tempmute Mute someone for a certain amount of time.
k?unban Unban a member.
k?unmute Unmute a member.
k?warning Warn a member.
k?warnings Check somebody's warnings.

Kevin will improve a lot over time, some features of Kevin are Kevin Games only, but these features will become public over time.

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