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👋 Welcome to my page, here I will show you some information about me

🎵 Play music with simple commands, remember to provide a number after the search!

😂 Use my fun and social commands, I have profile, rep, daily, and a lot of other fun commands

🏅 Be a Hana Premium member and get a lot of benefits, such x2 daily, x2 rep, a personalizated profile background and a exclusive profile badge

🔨 Use my moderation commands, ban, mute and other commands to punish members! You can set a personalizated image (or gif) and when you mute or ban someone the gif/image will appear!

📜 Remember to follow our Terms of Use

❌ If you see someone breaking our Terms of Use, report in our support server or in our email ([email protected])

❓ If you have any questions, feel free to ask in our support server, email or dm our staff members (You can found they bellow)

🐛 If you find any bug/errors, you can report only in our support server, you can find our support server above (Next to Github Repository button)

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Social media:

🐦Twitter: @Hannabot3


🎵 Music

🔨 Moderation

😂 Fun

💲 Economy

👥 Social

My team:

💻 Founder & Creator: Yae 🌸#2107 and Sahzar ⋆#2518

🔨 Staff's:

▶ yuki ❄#2107

▶Beako Star#0933

▶ Kaoru#0001

▶ Unv#7414

▶ Overtaker#0001

▶ Gagashi o gatinho otaku#1069

🏅Top Donator: ¥Shiro°#6079

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