CookieBot is a easy to use multi-function Discord bot made fun for your server's needs!

Created By: Zeekz# 1000

Welcome To CookieBot 🍪

CookieBot is an easy multi-function Discord bot made for your server's needs. CookieBot started as the name of Atlantis but I decided that wasn't the best name for the bot. So I restarted the project and now I have gotten here!

🎮 Fun Commands 🎮

8ball - Ask the magic 8ball anything.

dadjoke - Get a funny dad joke.

dankmeme - Funny dank memes

cookierate - How much cookie are you?

epicgamerrate- How epic are you?

howgay - How gay are you?

math - Need help on math? The bot can help!

meme - Epic Meme.

oldest - See the oldest created account in the guild.

poll - Create a simple yes or no poll!

youngest - See the youngest created account in the guild.

📜 Info Commands 📜

botinfo - Get the information on the bot.

help - Displays all commands.

invite - Get the invite link to the bot.

ping - Displays the ping and API latency.

support - Get the support server invite link.

uptime - Displays bot's uptime.

🛠️ Moderation Commands 🛠️

ban - ban a member from the server.

kick - kick a member from the server.

report - Report a user to a channel in your guild named #mod-logs.

🔊 Soundboard Commands 🔊

21 - Whats 9+10?

airhorn - Plays a airhorn FX.

bruh - sounds like a bruh moment to me.

cena - AND HIS NAME IS ________

derp - Plays a derp FX.

fitness - Get Fit.

heaven - Plays a heavenly choir.

illum - Confirmed.

kirby - Plays a kirby FX.

leeroy - Plays the Leeroy Jekins.

losehorn - Plays a losehorn FX.

missionfailed - We'll get em next time.

getthecamera - MOM GET THE CAMERA!

profanity - Watch your profanity.

rickroll - Rickroll your friends.

sadviolin - Plays a sad violin FX.

vsauce HEY! __

wasted - Dead

⚙️ Utility Commands ⚙️

emojis - Get the list of all emojis in your guild.

purge - Purge a certain ammount of messages in a channel.

slowmode - Change the slowmode of a channel.

whois - Get information about a user in the server.

Thank you for using CookieBot!