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Trivia Bot


A easy to use multiple choice and true/false trivia bot for discord that includes a global leaderboard, categories, server leaderboards, and a infinite amount of control. (99.99% Uptime)

Please see the document on our website.


NOTE: ignore the [ ] that just shows what should be there when entering the command

;help - Show a much easier to read help menu.
;trivia [optional category] - Play trivia
;multichoice [optional category] - Play multiple choice trivia
;truefalse [optional category] - Play true/false trivia
;categories - Lists categories
;top - Lists top players
;points - Lists your points
;servertop - Lists top users in your server
;invite - Pastes invite link
;credits - Shows credits
;ping - Shows ping
;version - Shows version
;withdraw [number] - Give points to others


A multi question

A sample question

Global Leaderboards