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A Trivia/Quiz Discord Bot with over 100000 questions, nitro as prizes, teams, leaderboards, dashboard, and can give winners roles as rewards


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Now with picture questions!

TriviaBot now supports questions containing a picture! You can submit questions with an image via our usual question submission process, and will see them in games of Trivia, for example you may be asked to identify a Pokemon by its picture, or a video game character. We will be rolling this out in the smaller categories first, and over time you will see more of these new types of question! Enjoy!

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The Best Discord Trivia/Quiz Bot - TriviaBot Different questions every time This discord trivia bot has over 100,000 questions. That's enough questions that you might never see them all. You can even submit your own questions and have them appear in the bot! Win Nitro! The global winner of each months trivia can win a month's Discord Nitro. All you have to do is take part and beat the competition. Are you up for the challenge? View the monthly nitro leaderboard. Offer community rewards From the user-friendly and easy to use dashboard, you can configure the bot to award custom roles to your community for people who win the day's trivia, or even start and stop games in your discord server directly from the web! Free leaderboards for all Every server which invites the bot has a free public leaderboard showing all kinds of statistics and facts. Take a look at an example! Create and join teams It is possible to create teams, which people can then join. As you play, your points are awarded to you and your team! Every team gets their own customisable profile page, where you can build the hype for your awesome trivia squad! Multiple Languages Supported TriviaBot supports multiple languages, including Turkish, Portugese and French. It is ready for you to use on your server, even if your server's native language is not English. In fact, TriviaBot is one of a tiny number of Discord Trivia bots which offer this feature!

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avatar of Duane_
Duane_ 2 months ago

If you're looking for a fun bot then TriviaBot is your go-to choice. You can literally spend hours playing and having fun with this Bot. It's not often you come across such well-designed bots. I definitely recommend it.


avatar of TriviaBot
TriviaBot 2 months ago

Hi Rallee, this section of the site is for leaving reviews not for Q&A but i'm happy to help. You can start the bot with the command "!start" and stop the bot with the command "!stop". The bot can do so much more, if you check out the help and FAQ pages here: https://triviabot.co.uk/help/#commands and https://triviabot.co.uk/help/#faq

Replying to Rallee®

avatar of ErgoDyne
ErgoDyne 2 months ago

It's a great bot with TONS of questions (>93,000) from all types of categories. You can disable categories you don't like, you can customize time limits between questions. It has two modes, normal and quickfire, which is worth 2x the points! This bot lets you submit your own questions to be included in the bot! You can also submit feedback concerning questions already in the bot. So if something is misspelled or the answer is wrong, you can let them know. This bot lets you have teams that are global. Each team has its own team page that they can customize and set up how they wish. New features are coming all the time. The TriviaBot discord server has a suggestions channel where people can vote on suggestions. Brain (owner/creator of TriviaBot) implements these suggestions fairly quickly. Brain and his staff are super friendly and very accommodating. I joined the server just to ask a question concerning the bot and stayed because the people in the server are so friendly! Note: I have since become a trivia moderator and work to help respond to feedback questions and to research new questions.


avatar of thankfully
thankfully 2 months ago

I LOVE the Triviabot game. There is a wide variety of topics so it's always changing. You can even submit questions to be used so it's always growing. The quickfire rounds let you earn more points fast. You can customize the length and even the content of the quizzes. It's fun to play alone or with friends. And the mods are helpful and responsive when you need help. The only issue I have is that sometimes the questions have poor grammar or spelling, but the mods are continually fixing that. You can usually figure out what they mean - I'm just nit-picky.


avatar of OG_Ghost
OG_Ghost 2 months ago

Wow, Just wow. this trivia bot is exactly what I was looking for. This bot is just so well polished, I also really like the web dashboard too, 100/10 would recommend adding!!!


avatar of The Rock
The Rock 2 months ago

Definitely recommend this bot if u wanna have some fun:)


avatar of Lawbster
Lawbster 2 months ago

This bot is very fun and cool. It has over 90 thousand questions it can ask, and you can even add your own. There are lots of questions you'd never expect, and you are always learning new things with each round. !start to start a match, and !quickfire to start a fast paces match. At the end it shows who's leading in points. You can even win discord nitro with this bot. You can award winners roles automatically to make sure everyone is always having a great time. An amazing bot with so many uses. People on my server have so much fun with it.


avatar of Matthew.
Matthew. 2 months ago

I mean, I don't even know where to start. Brain has made such a customizable bot, with features such as customizing which questions you get, to an extent, you can play in multiple modes such as a fast-paced or a slow-paced round (quickfire and normal rounds respectively). The staff and Brain himself are really friendly and happy to support at almost any time. Teams are a great feature, as you can compete with hundreds of other teams around the world, whether it just be a team with you and your mates or a team with your entire server. The amount of questions means there's always a new question to answer, and you aren't really going to run out of them. This is an absolutely AMAZING bot that I can recommend to anyone wanting to flex their grey matter, burn time, have fun with their friends or even make some new friends!


avatar of TheUndeadBowman
TheUndeadBowman 1 month ago

TriviaBot is a great bot. It has a LOT of questions and you'll never get bored. I have learned a lot of facts from it too. The community is also great. Get TriviaBot, you won't regret it!


avatar of 戈盖塔gogeta戈盖塔

Best bot in the world i love it and the owner so cool his better then all join his server as well bros


avatar of JuliCarles
JuliCarles 1 month ago

An amazing and fun game that will boost your server activity for sure. This bot has everything you look for, rankings, customizable categories, automatic ranks after certain points or daily results; and even multi-language support. The developer is very friendly and helped me with some Spanish translation details, considered most of my suggestions, and fixed them all immediately. The TriviaBot team is also really fast at adding new questions you suggest or fixing existing ones. It has everything anyone would need. Vouch for this and thank you team!


avatar of Abstrakt gaming
Abstrakt gaming 1 month ago

Can you create personal trivia questions to practice for an upcoming trivia competition?

avatar of TriviaBot
TriviaBot 1 month ago

Hi Abstrakt gaming, please pop along to the official support server and we can create a feature request for this

Replying to Abstrakt gaming

avatar of JOSE127EST
JOSE127EST 1 month ago

Muy buen bot excelente para servers


avatar of KaiPoulsen~
KaiPoulsen~ 1 month ago

I just added it but I don't understand how to use it right for my LGBTQ server can yall help me?

avatar of TriviaBot
TriviaBot 1 month ago

We sure can help you! To get started simply do the !start command and this will start a 10 question game. You can do !start with a number after it for a specific number of questions, !stop to stop the game, and !quickfire for a really fast game with more points. You can configure the entire bot from the dashboard: https://triviabot.co.uk/dashboard If you have any questions just join our support server in the link above and we'll be happy to help!

Replying to KaiPoulsen~

avatar of rebeccaallanah 👽

This bot is trash. The five star reviews this bot has are almost definitely from the creators. The questions and answers seem like they were pulled right out of the 90s, a question about large international businesses accepted Toyota but not amazon, alphabet, Apple, etc. The hints are usually useless. The most important pieces of knowledge required to play this is that California Disneyland opened in 1960 and Goofy has two teeth. There are questions asking you to unscramble a word, the clue is the word scrambled again, or “Pig Latin” except they also apparently don’t know pig Latin because it’s wrong. It often accepts wrong answers or horribly misspelled answers over correct answers. Labeling this bot as the best trivia bot on discord is a joke.

avatar of TriviaBot
TriviaBot 2 months ago

Hi rebeccaallanah thank you for taking the time to review! All of our questions come from various sources and we have a team of dedicated moderators and reviewers who volounteer their time to fixing and updating questions. All questions in the bot should retain their validity over time, so anything that may become outdated is being updated and/or removed. I have modified the world companies question to include the current total fortune 500 list. For pig latin, the bot is actually correct, please see the wikipedia page about pig latin notably the section on "alternative convention" which is what we use. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pig_Latin Scrambled hints are done at random so you might get a scramble, or you might get something else, it's complete pot luck :-) If you find the bot is lacking questions that you are able to answer, you are always free to submit your own, we accept most correct well formatted questions into our database: https://triviabot.co.uk/addq/

Replying to rebeccaallanah 👽