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Streamlines tournaments and improves user quality-of-life through specialized commands.


t! (can set custom prefix)




v4.1.8 Update - Custom prefixes + several changes

TournaBot can now set custom prefixes! On top of custom prefixes, this update introduces several changes to the code, including bug fixes.

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TournaBot is a Discord bot designed to streamline tournaments and improve user quality-of-life through specialized commands - built on Node.js and Discord.js. TournaBot's automatic match calling feature was used for the GOML 2020 NA Northeast Qualifiers, which included nearly 270 attendees!

Main Features

  • Automatic tournament reminders an hour before your tournaments begin, which provide tournament/event information.

  • Automatic match calling called DQ pinging, which automatically pings users in a specified channel a minute after their match has been called.

  • User tournament results that include details and sets from a user's three latest tournaments.

  • Announcing tournaments with event and tournament information so that you don't have to.

  • A better matchmaking system that takes Discord role-based matchmaking to another level, enabling users to specify whether or not they want to be pinged for a role.

  • Search for tournaments by game directly in your Discord server.

  • Full localization through custom timezones and languages.

  • Custom prefixes so that TournaBot never clashes with other bots.

You can find all the command info through t!help.

Here are some examples of things TournaBot can do!



DQ Pinging


If you need any help, want to request a feature, or want to report a bug, feel free to join the support/development server!

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