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Quests & Battlepass are here!

🇬🇧 2 new features are now available: .quests and .battlepass! - There is 2 type of quests, daily and weekly ones, as well as 3 difficulties : easy, medium and hard. The reset of the quests will always be at midnight, and on Mondays for the weekly ones. (bot hour .time). When completing a quest, you’ll earn tokens depending on the difficulty level. Those tokens will level up your battlepass. Quests will be added continuously during the season. - The battlepass will start and finish by the first of each month: it will last 1 month. Exceptionally, for the launch of this new feature and to allow everyone to test it, there will not be a reset the first of august: the first season will last 5 weeks. The battlepass is composed of 30 tiers with rewards changing every month.

Fake RPG

Setup the bot

  • .set channel Set the bot channel
  • .set welcome Set the message for the rules and Fake RPG role
  • .set lang 🇬🇧 🇫🇷 🇪🇸 Set the bot language for your server
  • .set univers Set the univers of Fake RPG for your server

Universes list


Few goals to get started

Change your settings with .settings Otherwise, you can find the details for every command with .rpg

S If you need to keep in mind only one command it’s .help

  • Show your character sheet
    • To show your character sheet as well as your statistics .me
  • Invite your friends
    • Win rewards thanks to the referral program .parrain
  • Spend your coiiins
    • Check out .shop to buy rolls and launch a roll to get weapons or characters!
  • Unlock achievements
    • Check out the achievements with .trophy and look out for the introduction ones to get started with .trophy intro!
  • Fight bosses!
    • A boss can spawn at any moment, .f to join the fight
    • You can only attack a boss once, and if it dies you will gain xp, Fake Coins or even rolls!
    • The boss is shared between all servers: the more people play, the harder it gets and better are the rewards.
    • If a boss doesn’t die before the next spawn, it loses levels and rewards.
  • Roll your stuff
    • There is multiple rolls, the loot will increase your damages as well as your collection .roll
      1. Roll weapons
        • .roll 1 Collect weapons up to 5 ⭐ to equip and increase your damages .stuff
      2. Roll characters
        • .roll 2 Collect characters up to 3 ⭐ to equip and increase your damages, you can also send them in mission .hero
  • Provoke an other player at chafer crit
    • .c @Player 200 will start a chafer crit with 200 fake coin at stake, the first to invoke a chafer crit will win everything
  • Join a guild and fight other players
    • .guild to create or join a guild and attack other players from all servers. Check out the ladders and reach the legend rank for optimum rewards at the end of season
  • Reset your profile and become stronger
    • .reset will show you the reset conditions and the according rewards depending on your stuff

Note: If you’re in a different time zone than UTC+2, .time will show you the local bot time.

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