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A bot that will express your social profiles on discord.


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Welcome to SocialBot!

What does the bot do?

The bot allows you to express your social profiles on discord.

Great! How do I use the bot?

Just run sb!set and it will let you set your profile usernames on the stated social profile. You may also use @SocialBot to get started if you are confused.

What if I don't have/want one of the social profiles listed on my profile?

We have you covered! Server admins can run sb!forcedisable or sb!forceenable to enable/disable parts of the servers profile!

Can I help out in any way?

Yes! Of course! The easiest way of helping is by inviting the bot using this link to any servers you know may need it! Another way is voting for SocialBot. If you want to become a staff member, you'll need to DM Wild#0004 and ask!

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