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Sparkle Bot is an advanced music bot, supports YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and much more.



Command List: s!help (Displays help menu),

s!loop (Loops the current queue or song, you can do s!loop all to loop the current queue, or s!loop song to loop the current song),

s!lyrics (Displays the current song lyrics),

s!move (Moves a song from the queue),

s!nowplaying (Displays the song that it's currently playing),

s!pause (Pauses the current song),

s!ping (Check the ping of the bot),

s!play (Play/search a song),

s!previous (Go to the previous song),

s!queue (Displays current queue),

s!remove (Removes a song from queue),

s!resume (Resumes the song),

s!search (Searchs for a song and displays the latest results),

s!seek (Or s!forward, moves the song to the selected minute(s)/second(s)),

s!shuffle (Shuffles the queue),

s!skip (Skips the current song),

s!stats (View the bot stats),

s!stop (Stops the queue and bot leaves voice channel),

s!volume (Controls volume of queue).

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