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It's kind of silly. It says silly stuff all the time. To be honest, I like it :^)

How does it know what to say? Ah. Well, you see, it learns stuff all the time (unless you tell it not to). As a consequence, all non-programmed stuff it's saying (which is over 95%) are in the language you speak.

Discord is delightful in that it has a concept of channels. Thus, the bot has separate settings, message generation "dictionaries", moods and stats for each channel, even in the same server. This is so that all the languages spoken and topics discussed are not all mixed into the same "dictionary".

There's also a global "dictionary", shared by all channels and servers everywhere. Your messages are not being used to expand it by default, but you can turn it on or off if you want to at any time. Please don't enable it if the main language of the channel isn't English. At the time of writing this "dictionary" has been trained on 80k messages.

There are some pre-programmed actions it takes sometimes. It might want to play Rock-Paper-Scissors with you, or it might not. It might give you a sweet. Or other silly things I might add later. The probability of these actions taking place depend on how it feels at the moment.

You might want to check out !!d help for the full list of commands. Have fun! Oh, check out these screenshots, I love them:

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