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A multipurpose moderation and fun bot. Contains commands such as a rock paper scissors command.


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CORE is a multipurpose bot with the intention of making moderation easier and more convenient for people trying to administrate a server, whether it be large or small.

CORE contains a variation of many commands varying from moderation to announcements.

The current commands are:

c!help - Help Command for CORE
c!version - A command that tells you the patch notes for the most recent update.

c!rps - A command that means you can play rock paper scissors with the bot.

c!maths - A command that you can give the bot so that the bot can give you an answer.

c!roll - A command that chooses a random person from the server, useful for giveaways.

c!purge - A command that deletes a certain amount of messages in the current channel.

c!kick - A command that kicks the mentioned user.

c!ban - A command that bans the mentioned user.

c!mute - A command that mutes the mentioned user.

c!unmute - A command that unmutes the mentioned user.

c!info - A command that shows you information about the mentioned user.

c!announce - A command that shows asks the author questions about the announcement and then sends it.

c!categories - A command that shows you the announcement categories required for the announce command.

c!support - A command that invites you to the support server.

c!invite - A command that gives you the invite link to invite the bot.

Extension Commands

c!enable - A command that loads an extension provided.

c!disable - A command that unloads an extension provided.

Configuration Commands

c!config - A command that changes the configuration for the bot on your server.

The configuration command can take a range of parameters. For the first parameter, you can put one of 5 configurations or settings.
verification_role - The role when verifying (Optional)

announcement_channel - The channel the announce command goes to

manualverification - Whether or not the bot will generate a random string that the user needs to type before they get the verification role. (Optional)

link-automoderation - Whether the bot will look for links in your server, and if it finds one and the person doesn’t have the Manage Guild permission, the message will be deleted.

To setup announcements, do c!config announcement_channel (channel) and replace channel with the channel name without the hashtag.

When you do the c!announce command, you will be greeted with a enquiry about the body of the announcement and then the category, shown in the c!categories command. It will then send the announcement to the channel you specified in c!config announcement_channel (channel name).

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