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A Snapchat inspired bot for Discord, to send your friends memes and start streaks




A Discord bot for streaks, inspired by Snapchat. Spam your friends with your shittiest memes, every day

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For support, DM me on twitter @SlimShadyDev or add me on Discord (SlimShadyIAm#9999)

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  • Send your friends images, GIFs, videos, and "text" snaps (text on black background, rendered by the bot)
    • streaks are global! You can send your friend a snap from any server, as long as they are also in that server.
  • Score is calculated for each user -- one added for every snap sent (gm!score).
  • Reminders are sent out 2 hours before a streak is about to end
  • Block/unblock other users
  • List your current and expired streaks (gm!list and gm!expired)


The prefix is gm! or gn!.

  • gm!streaks - send your friends a snap. Tag as many friends as you want, either with an @ mention or ID. You need to include either an image or video (as a link or as an attachment), or text.

    • Examples:
      • gm!streaks @SlimShadyIAm#9999 gm streaks
      • gm!streaks 418095005069213706
      • gm!streaks @SlimShadyIAm#9999 @Revulate#0001 @Aaron#9999 (and an image as an attachment)
  • gm!list - Lists your current active streaks

  • gm!expired - Lists your expired streaks

  • gm!score - Check your score, or another user's score by @ mentioning them

  • gm!block @user - Block a user. They won't be able to send you snaps and you can't send them snaps.

  • gm!unblock @user - Unblock a user.

  • gm!help - view all commands

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