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Moderation | Economy | Fun | Minecraft | Music Oct Bot also has per server settings such as custom prefixes and canvas welcome messages






this amazing and very complicated discord.js v12 bot has all the things you need made by 1 person. This bot is maily focused on the economy and music system, The Economy has features such as owning a company with this company you can get boosters, miners, and workers(adding more features soon)

Economy and Music commands: (al commands can be accessed by doing !help )

-Music(V1.1) Play, Skip, Leave, Pause, Unpause these commands are basic and can be used for listening to music or videos on youtube

-Economy(V0.8) Balance, Beg, Buy, CoinFlip, Company, Daily, Deposit, Fish, GiveCoin(admin command), Inventory, Mine, Rob, Shop, Tranfer, Withdraw

Known bugs: -Help command not working

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