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A pro music bot




Features of our bot

1. You can search for songs by name! (?p song name)

2. You can search for songs by link!(?p link)

3. You can play youtube playlists on it (?p/pl link)

4. You can "search" for youtube play list by adding the playlist name like: ?playlist/pl nightcore happy songs

5. You can add up to 50 songs in every playlist

6. You can find the lyrics of the current playing song(?l)

7. You can pause the songs(?pause)

8. You can resume the songs(?resume)

9. cool designed queue(?q)

10. You can skip songs by using:

(?skip: skips the current song) (?skipto: skip to the selected number of the queue)

11. You can remove songs by number from the queue by using ?remove [number]

12. You can get the current playing song and it's link on yt(?np)

13.You can search for songs on youtube if u didn't find your song! type ?search [song name] and u can choose on of the results to play!

14. You can loop the song(?loop)

15. You can change the volume of the bot!(?v volumeUWant)

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