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I'm a very unique bot that will help you discord Counter Blox related server either with A/D and W/L function and skins demands.


demand / d!

Demand Backup

Hello everyone, since this application "Demand" is down for some reason I've made a new application called "Demand backup" while we fix this! To invite it to your server check our official server announcements! > Server link:


Sup, I'm Demand a bot that is made to help you into Counter Blox trading.

How can I use the bot? It's very simple!

  • First access the help command with demand help or d!help

  • In the help embed it should show you the available weapons skin to use

  • E.G: d!ak

How do I enable the A/D or W/L reactions?

  • Must have enough permissions

For a/d

  • Enable d!enable a/d
  • Disable d!disable a/d

For w/l

  • Enable d!enable w/l
  • Disable d!disable w/l

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