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LaifuBot †


LaifuBot - A new waifu collector with a gacha twist. Come gacha, collect and trade thousands of waifus.

LaifuBot †


LaifuBot - A new waifu collector with a gacha twist. Come gacha, collect and trade thousands of waifus..

  • Easy to play without needing to remember all the names of waifus
  • Gacha, gacha, gacha
  • High Quality GIFS, and images used for your favorite characters
  • Collect and Trade with the community
  • RPG Hunting system with progression
  • World Challenges that can be completed CO-OP with other members!

Once you invite Laifubot to your server use the l.help command to view how to setup. Preferably set l.laifuspawn to a channel so that spawns are redirected.

New Features!

  • New features are always added regularly
  • New anime series are added regularly and you can suggest all your favorites not already added

Ready to have some fun? Hit up the Support server to connect with the community, or simply invite the bot into your own.



l.laifuprefix Set the bots prefix for your server
l.laifuspawn Set the channel you send this message in as the redirected channel for all spawns


l.profile View your profile stat card
l.work Collect gacha stones every 1 hour
l.daily Collect gacha stones every 23 hours
l.vote Vote for Laifubot & get some goodies every 12 hours
l.claim Open spawned Lootcrates for goodies
l.gacha Gacha for new waifus using stones



User Reviews


Based on 25 reviews

avatar of Pocky
Pocky 25 days ago

Disclaimer: This is all based on MY opinions. I'm writing this during my spanish test and if I fail again, so be it. 1. I love not only the bot, but the community. The mods and the founder of this bot will communicate with you. I love almost all the mods and they have daily convos with me about their daily lives. They drop by and say hi sometimes or they would take part in talking with you. Most of the regulars aren't there just for the bot, but also the community. The mods are strict, but always very nice. 2. I really love the concept of this bot because there so many characters and so much variaties of pictures that it makes the bot almost addicting. If you don't get the character you wanted, you just keep trying to get it. It takes hardwork to maintain this bot which is why I think this bot def deserves more attention. 3. What makes this bot better compared to the other bots are that new features are regularly added, even if it goes unoticed. Another thing great about this bot compared to others is that you can submit your own pictures/gifs or swap pictures/gifs. The pictures are one of the things great about this bot. There are so many pictures that you can trade for. In conclusion, I would definitely recommend this bot for the weebs out there. It's one of the better anime bots I've come to find in a very very long time.

avatar of LaifuBot †
LaifuBot † 25 days ago

Indeed we are super strict. We use commands in general and have a chat in the support channel :worrykek:

Replying to Pocky

avatar of Hiroki (Kocis Koukies)
Hiroki (Kocis Koukies) 25 days ago

This may be a biased review as I am a moderator of this bot, but nonetheless, I'll tell you what I've seen thus far. The community for the most part is really engaging in that they aren't just there to find a quick trade and move on, but many people here love to talk about mostly anything (we do have rules so not EVERYTHING will be spoken of) and you can just jump into any conversation and make a friend basically. The community isn't only just English! We have a channel just for people that would prefer to speak in their own native language as well! All in all, as long as you follow the rules, even the mods love trolling and talking about the most random things. Trades, events, community. We got it~


avatar of Worst Br0
Worst Br0 25 days ago

10/10 Bot, I started playing this bot when it was still little and I’ve seen it grow and become better than I could’ve ever imagined. The Laifu community is also amazing and very interactive. A lot of the regulars come for the bot and stay for the community. This bot is different from the other anime bots as well as it uses gacha features which I think is amazing. The bot is also really easy to learn how to play and it is very simple. Many (including me) easily become attached to the bot as well. I would definitely recommend this to the weebs out there and to my own friends because it is great anime bot which offers a unique and wonderful experience.


avatar of NeonNeet
NeonNeet 25 days ago

The following is my own opinion. Laifu is great. Laifu is awesome. Some may call it the “Waifubot replacement”, but thats not all. So many great waifus 😏. Husbandos too. Join the support server for events, new and more friends, and to send your own images. Uh.... dont alt! And Enjoy the Bot! 😃


avatar of Trinity
Trinity 25 days ago

Laifu is best Waifu. Please don't alt we'll get you. Have a good Day


avatar of FlatIsJustice
FlatIsJustice 24 days ago

As a long time player of this bot, I've absolutely loved every second of it. The community is one of the BEST out there, everyone is really friendly, and hands-down one of the most genuine individuals that I've ever talked to. The server is also very active, with lots of events and giveaways almost every week. The bot also has so many features that are simple yet very fun once you get the hang of it. Also, there's a shit ton of collectable waifus and rarities out there so you won't get bored. The bot owner and staff team are very approachable, they are one of the most active people on the server, some even interact and have conversations with the people in general chats. You can also submit pictures (if there's a free slot available) or suggest an image swap for your favorite waifus, and you even get rewards for it! How cool is that? If even one of the things I've said has piqued your interest, don't be afraid to check Laifubot out and experience it yourself, it wont disappoint you! Big love and pogchamps to the community, staff, and law! ily all, have a great day! I rate this bot 10 POGs out of 10 <3


avatar of .das
.das 24 days ago

This is all based on my opinion and my experience playing the bot thus far. First of all, the community on the support server is amazing, the developer of this bot (Law) and other staffs are really nice. The bot allows you to add your own pictures allowing you to submit a picture you really wanted to be in the bot. If you have a series that isn't available in the bot, don't worry, you can suggest it in the support server. This bot deserves more attention, this bot is not only addicting but it is unique. It is different from other waifu bots I have seen, it has a world system that can get you stones. TL;DR this bot is amazing, recommended to other fellow weebs and I want you (the person who is reading this review) to enjoy the bot too.


avatar of Knooo1
Knooo1 25 days ago

Seen how the bot has grown-up since it's beginning and also the community it's been great, the bot has so many features and always adding new series to have in gachas. Also very easy to understand and play 10/10 :biglips:


avatar of _Grix-"
_Grix-" 24 days ago

This bot is going places, its been growing since its release and the quality is right there. Its fun & the community is very friendly. (both members & staff). Been watching it grow from day 1 and its come very far, won't be long before its hitting the front pages.


avatar of Penguin
Penguin 24 days ago

Laifu is of the best bots I've used on discord. The community is friendly and amazing too. 10/10 recommend if you like anime or waifus in general.


avatar of TurtleGang
TurtleGang 24 days ago

Bot is great, community and staff is the best I've seen.


avatar of Lusi 🤍
Lusi 🤍 23 days ago

Love the bot and the community! I've spent many days playing while talking with friends or interacting in the support server, and I enjoy it so much. There's always new updates in the bot and a LOT of characters to collect and trade, u can also upload images from your favorites and try to roll and collect all of them. Give Laifubot a try and have fun! (Sorry if I made a lot of misspells, I speak Spanish and it's kinda hard to talk in English, but wanted to express my love to Laifubot :) )


avatar of Wyn
Wyn 23 days ago

One of the most enjoyable and organized bot I have ever used. The staff is always updating the game and adding new events for the community to be a part of. The community itself is always supportive and helpful. Rules are strictly enforced and toxic behavior of any kind is never accepted. I really enjoy this bot and I am looking forward to making new friends and seeing it grow further throughout the discord community!


avatar of Tolnin
Tolnin 22 days ago

Definitely my favorite Discord bot, I've spent more time on this than any other bot. I was sad when WaifuBot went down, but then LaifuBot came out and is better than it. The developer is also extremely friendly and the staff and users in the support server are amazing. I've never seen a better community around a Discord bot. Most other developers and staff for bots I use usually ignore me when I try to get help or something, but I always get help when I go into the support server for LaifuBot. I once spent basically an entire day on this bot. Who knew collecting pictures of anime characters could be so much fun? I am 100% loyal to this bot and no other bots similar to this one will ever sway my allegiance. The only way I see myself stopping using this bot is if the developer decides to close it down like the last one. Amazing bot, 10/10, I definitely recommend.


avatar of Soul Survivor
Soul Survivor 22 days ago

I have been on the bot for the past 3 months or so and in my opinion it is the best one i have seen so far the people are wonderful the mod team is awesome as well as strict for the rule breaker's the people will help you out if you are new . This is a bot for us weebs out there i would recommend all of you to join or use the bot .


avatar of cerulean
cerulean 21 days ago

this bot is amazing, came upon this bot by chance and never looked back. super fun to play, and community is chill and friendly as well. definitely a 10/10


avatar of D̸̞̉҉̢̩͠o͛ͫ̚m͈̕͜҉̘̱̟☆̞͈͠҉ͪ̈́͘҉̷̥̐
D̸̞̉҉̢̩͠o͛ͫ̚m͈̕͜҉̘̱̟☆̞͈͠҉ͪ̈́͘҉̷̥̐ 22 days ago

Like trading stocks? Why not try trading waifus. It's the same experience but with cute girls! Good community on the bot server as well. Would recommend!


avatar of sofaa
sofaa 22 days ago

The only reason I come on to discord is for this bot. I am addicted and have not stopped playing since I have learned how to. I find myself on here 90% of the time. The community/support service is so welcoming and kind and I have made so many friends through this bot. Not only can you collect and trade characters, but you can also help out and submit your own characters. While trading and gaining characters, you can fight bosses and travel through worlds. It is easy to learn and fun to play. This bot is my new hobby when quarantining. One of the best bots I've ever played:)


avatar of tea
tea 17 days ago

this bot taught me how to haggle and reawakened my love for collecting stuff, 11/10


avatar of Ms Frizzle
Ms Frizzle 9 days ago

Best bot yet