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HP writing prompts, fan theories, word game topics, User-Above-You questions. Bot is online, right now. The help command is hg2help.



This is the sequel bot to Harry Potter Bot called Harry Potter 2 Bot. It can generate random HP-related User-Above-You questions, word game topics, writing prompts, Quiplash prompts, and fan theories. Also generates random stats for your OC character (blood status, Boggart, Patronus animal, wand core, occupation, school subject (that can be the character's best or worst subject), Animagus animal (an animal, not one or a Maledictus, instead), and school house). And random parts for a writing prompt to create an entire writing prompt (character, verb, location, item, magical creature/plant, organization). Also has spells, of which you can cast it at another user.

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