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Error_ is a Discord AI chatbot that uses Alexa's API to chat with users! It can chat with you in DMs and in a server too!


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🤖 Welcome to Error_ !

Error_ is a AI Chatbot made in Javascript with the help of Alexa's bot API. The bot is always online and is really reliable if you want to chill and talk to someone! Having Error_ on your server, you won't feel lonely and it'll make the chat active.

🔴 Note: There are no commands or a prefix in this bot.

✨ Features:

Embeds : The bot replies to you through embeds, so that you won't be confused about your messages.

Replies : With the new reply function on Discord, the bot uses it to reply to your messages.

Direct Messages : The bot can even answer you if you DM it.

Smartbot API : With the help of Smartbot API the bot can answer to your logical questions.

Alexabot API : With Alexabot API, the bot replies to your messages just like a real person do.

Consistent Uptime : With the use of a new uptime method, the but will barely go offline.

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