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This is a all around great bot and has many commands for managing a server and for the members to use!






New Updates!!

I have started creating a bot docs website which you can find here I have many more features and commands than i have written on this page. look on my website for updated ideas of some of them and invite the bot and run _help to see all of the commands and capabilities of the bot!! Thanks for voting!!!



Music - _play - to play a song _stop - to stop the bot from playing _playlist - to play a playlist on youtube _afk - to leave the bot in the voice channel 24/7 _volume - to change the music volume

Moderation - _kick - to kick someone from your server _ban - to ban someone from your server

Utilities - _setup - to setup your server for the bot _help - to see all the commands the bot has

Fun - It had a global chat to talk between the servers it is in. Activate it and set it up by using the _setup command

More commands being added all the time! Join the support server to give suggestions on commands to add!

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