= m i m u = | cuter currency system™

adorably aesthetic bot with a per-server currency economy money system, hotline links of 60+ countries, autoresponder/custom commands, and utilities.

• one of the most configurable bots that you can ever have, with all the settings in one command •
• create your own shop to sell server roles, items, prestige and perks •
• can easily ask team to add missing countries' hotlines through support server •
• continuous, rapid development and regular, accountable updates •
• 99.99% uptime, online 24/7 and friendly, quick to respond support staff •
• smooth, modern and cute interface; commands are easy to use •
• community oriented and driven - we listen to your suggestions and implement what you want most •

Looking for help and information on how to use Mimu?
Check out this page on desktop instead to get a better look at them or invite the bot and start with .help!

commands and features

<> = optional arguments || [] = mandatory arguments

command examples description                    
general commands
- these commands can be done by anyone
.balance <user> .balance
.balance @iara#0001
checks someone's balance
.buy [product # or name in shop] .buy 3
.buy flowers
buy something from shop
.clickmallow .clickmallow spam-click a marshmallow for within a timeframe.
.coinflip [heads/tails] [value #] .coinflip h 500
.coinflip head 50
.coinflip tails 100
flip a coin and gamble
.drop [value #] .drop 100 drop an amount of to be picked
.help .help preview help page
.give .give iara#0001 5
.give @iara#0001 flowers
.give iara flowers
give away an amount of currency or an item
.leaderboard <page #> .leaderboard
.leaderboard 1
view leaderboard
.pet <user> <-remind> .pet
.pet @iara#0001
pet the bot or give away for or give to user
.pick .pick pick up dropped in the chat when Mimu prompts
.ping .ping pings the bot
.rolldice [value #] .rolldice 5 gambles a given sum of money; getting more than 64 lets you earn the amount bet, more than 90 lets you earn 3x, and 100 lets you earn 9x; otherwise, you lose the amount you bet.
.shop <page #> .shop
.shop 2
shows the server's shop
.slots [amount #] .slots 10 play a game of slots betting your money
.snuggle <user> <-remind> .snuggle
.snuggle iara#0001
snuggle the bot or give away for or give to user
.suggest [suggestion] .suggest Mimu should have more commands inputs a suggestion to Mimu
pet / vote commands
- these commands either link to voting, or require you to have pets (checked by .balance). pets are bought by a global currency, .
.feed <-remind> .feed
.feed -remind
.feed -r
feed your pet and extend its life; requires you to have food for your pet. optional parameter that gets mimu to remind you (in dms) to feed your pet after 10 minutes.
.play <-remind> .play play with your pet to extend its life
.playdate [user]> .playdate @iara#0001 have a playdate with someone else's pet!
.vote .vote sends you the link to vote for mimu
.votes <claim/shop/buy> .votes claim
.votes shop
.votes buy
allows you to claim, or check from voting, or check mimu's booster pet shop, or buy from mimu's booster pet shop.
configurable settings
- these commands require 'Manage Server' permissions
.set .set view current server settings
.set prefix [new prefix] .set prefix :?
.set prefix ~
sets a new prefix
.set currency [new currency symbol] .set currency :pizza:
.set currency $
sets a new currency symbol
.set startval [value #] .set startval 100 set new amount when joined
.set mallowval [value #] .set mallowval 2 set new amount each time someone clicks the mallow in clickmallow comands
.set dailyvalmax/workvalmin [value #] .set dailyvalmax 150
.set dailyvalmin 30
set new maximum and minimum amount given for snuggle command
.set workvalmax/workvalmin [value #] .set workval 40
.set workvalmax 20
set new maximum and minimum amount given for pet command
.set pickvalmax/pickvalmin [value #] .set pickvalmax 20
.set pickvalmin 10
set new maximum and minimum amount given for pick command when spawned
.set dailycooldown [mins #] .set dailycooldown 6 set new cooldown for snuggle command (in minutes)
.set workcooldown [mins #] .set workcooldown 3 set new cooldown for pet command (in minutes)
.set pickchannels #channel .set pickchannel #general-chat
.set pickchannels #general-2
(toggles pick spawn) (plural or not plural also okay for pickchannel(s)) add or remove pickchannels for .pick to spawn during active chatting, which can be picked by .pick
.set pickspeed [1-5/fastest/fast/medium/slow/slowest] .set pickspeed 1
.set pickspeed fastest
toggles the frequency / speed of pickspawn. 1 for fastest, 5 for slowest; alternatively, type fastest - slowest
.set pickhard <on/off> .set pickhard
.set pickhard off
.set pickhard on
toggles the requirement of typing a hard code / pass word to pick the pickspawn.
.set blacklist #channel .set blacklist #general-chat
.set blacklist #general-1 #general-2 #general-3
(toggles blacklisting) blacklist(s) or unblacklists channel(s) that are mentioned
.set embedcolor #hexcode .set embedcolor #000000 sets a color for majority of bot embeds
.set shop .set shop
.set shop add
.set shop remove
starts the automated shop maker instructions, so you don't have to use the long version of the command.
.set shop add/+ [price value #] [no. of product available #] [product name], <role> .set shop + 10 5 steam key
.set shop add 10 0 flowers
.set shop add 100 10 Cool, Cool People
adds something to the shop according to your configurations. number of product available: to make unlimited, type 0
.set shop remove/- [product name] .set shop remove flowers
.set shop remove steam key
.set shop - Cool
removes a product from shop
.set autodelete <on/off> .set autodelete
.set autodelete on
.set autodelete off
turn on or turn off your autodeletion of command invocations
.set advancedmode <on/off> .set advancedmode
.set advancedmode on
.set advancedmode off
turn on or off advanced mode, which toggles the shop's showing of item id
.set greetmsg [msg] .set greetmsg welcome {user} to {server_name}! You are the {server_membercount_ordinal} member!
.set greetmsg welcome {user} {embed:greet_embed}
sets a greet message. for all placeholders, refer to .help ar. can use one embed, create the embed using .embed command.
.set leavemsg [msg] .set leavemsg bye {user_tag}, I won't miss you. set a leave message. similar to greet msg.
.set greetchannel [#channel] .set greetchannel #welcome set a channel for greets to occur in.
.set leavechannel [#channel] .set leavechannel #bye-bye set a channel for leave to occur in.
.set roleincome [hourly/daily/weekly] [value #] [role] .set roleincome hourly 100 Moderators
.set roleincome remove Boosters
adds or removes roleincome.
.set betmax/min [value #] .set betmax 10
.set betmin 1
set new maximum and minimum for bets in gambling.
.set activityvalmax/activityvalmin [value #] .set activityvalmax 100
.set activityvalmin 1
sets new maximum and minimum curency earned per message when typing in a activitychannel and not on cooldown
.set activitychannels #channel .set activitychannels #chat-1 #chat-2 #chat-3 toggles mentioned channels for activity chat currency earning
miscellaneous administrative commands
- these commands require 'Manage Server' permissions
.event start <#channel> [value #] <description> .event start 100
.event start #general 300
start a currency reaction event in the channel you typed in or specified channel
.event end <#channel> .event end
.event end #general
ends a currency event in channel you typed in or specified channel
.modifybal add/remove/+/- [value #] [user] .modifybal + 100 @iara#0001
.modifybal add 300 iara
.modifybal - 100 iara#0001
.modifybal remove 500 @iara#0001
adds/remove balance of a user
.modifyrolebal add/remove/+/- [value #] [role] .modifyrolebal + 100 mods
.modifyrolebal add 500 @Moderators
.modifyrolebal - 1000 ModerAtors
.modifyrolebal remove 10000 muted
adds/remove balance of those in a specified role
.reset all [options (confirm, settings, events, shop, inventory, balances)] .reset all confirm
.reset all settings
.reset all setting
.reset all event
.reset all shop
.reset all events
.reset all inventories
.reset all inventory
resets the argument you put in (note: plural doesn't matter in this command), for inventories, balances, settings, events or the shop, or all at once (confirm).
.reset [user] .reset iara#0001 resets a user's balance
.reset balance/inventory [user] .reset balance iara#0001 reset's a user's balance or inventory
mod util commands
- these commands require special corresponding permissions, e.g. manage channels permission
.autoresponder add/+ [trigger] | [response] .autoresponder add hi mimu! | hello {user}! add an autoresponder to Mimu
.autoresponder remove/- [trigger] .autoresponder remove hi mimu!
.autoresponder - hi mimu!
remove an autoresponder to mimu
.autoresponder show [trigger] .autoresponder show hi mimu! show an autoresponder
.embed .embed gives details on how embeds can be used, edited and worked on
.embed create [name] .embed create greet creates an embed of such a name. the name is used as a key to refer to in autoresponders, greet messages, and when editing the embed. To attach it to these, use {embed:[name]}, for example, {embed:greet}.
.embed edit [property] [name] [value] | <for some properties, the link is put here> .embed edit title greet Welcome! Edits the embed's property.
.embed properties .embed properties Shows the embed properties
crisis commands
- these commands don't require specific permissions
.crisis [countryname] .crisis usa
.crisis japan
view crisis hotlines for a specified country
.crisis online .crisis online online hotlines and active listening sites

default settings

please note that this section does not include every single option! this is an outdated default settings section. please check .set for updated info!

configuration name default settings
prefix .
startval 0
mallowval 1
dailyvalmax 60
dailyvalmin 30
workvalmax 15
workvalmin 5
pickvalmax 10
pickvalmin 5
dailycooldown 1440 (mins)
workcooldown 60 (mins)
shop null
autospace off
blacklist null
embedcolor default baby blue

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about 1 year ago

very functional, i love her. can do just about anything and is very cute. 10/10. been using her for about a year+ and still have so much to do/learn with the bot :D



Replying to eggu

thank you! ♡ we appreciate your kind feedback ^-^' thanks for supporting mimu !


about 1 year ago

I remember when I first got mimu I was very confused, I wasn't used to so many commands. It took a day or two to fully understand, and people seem to not like that. The thing is though... this is the MOST customisable bot I've ever seen. Other bots are confusing and have low functionality, low customisability, low usage. Mimu is SO worth it - she's highly functional, customisable, I use her for 90 ...



Replying to city

thank you! ♡ we appreciate your kind feedback ^-^' thanks for supporting mimu !


about 1 year ago

Amazing bot! My go-to bot whenever I make a server! She's super cute and aesthetic!



Replying to jee

thank you! ♡ we appreciate your kind feedback ^-^' thanks for supporting mimu !


about 1 year ago

Mimu is the best bot I've ever used! the ARs are my favorite part :) i recommend using Mimu :)



Replying to sel

thank you! ♡ we appreciate your kind feedback ^-^' thanks for supporting mimu !


about 1 year ago

Beautiful bot, amazing community. Helpful and useful guides, absolutely astounding.



Replying to 예리yeri

thank you! ♡ we appreciate your kind feedback ^-^' thanks for supporting mimu !


about 1 year ago

I love her functions, they're amazing. It's very easy to use when you have learned how to use Mimu. I like the autoresponder and embed part since I use them all the time. 💖



Replying to Nameless.

thank you! ♡ we appreciate your kind feedback ^-^' thanks for supporting mimu !


about 1 year ago

dev stinks



Replying to neo.

thank you! ♡ we appreciate your kind feedback ^-^' thanks for supporting mimu !


about 1 year ago

Mimu is one of the most, if not the, cutest economy bot out there. It is also managed by a talented and amazing developer team.


Deleted User

about 1 year ago

Amazing bot! Very cute, and very useful features! Personal fav feature is the AR <3



Replying to Deleted User

thank you! ♡ we appreciate your kind feedback ^-^' thanks for supporting mimu ! we're glad to hear you enjoy autoresponders as much as we do !

Le Mòonie

about 1 year ago

one of the most cutest discord bots, which ironically is hosted by the cutest bot dev ever.



Replying to Le Mòonie

thank you! ♡ we appreciate your kind feedback ^-^' thanks for supporting mimu !



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