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Genshin Bot! Wish-Pity tracker! Talents character reminders! Daily tasks reminders! Wiki and AIO Genshin Impact bot to help you in the game!


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Not Erwin

Introducing new reminders

This week i bring you some content related to the new Tea Pot feature added in genshin! Be sure to check out g.tubby to customise reminders based on when your crafts are done ingame!

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Genshin Utilities Bot ( GenshinUtils )

This is a Genshin oriented bot aimed to help travelers in their journeys. This bot is Safe For Work.


  • Daily customizable reminders(so you know what to farm each day)
  • Reminders for Tea Pot Crafting
  • Character Talents reminders based on the days needed(with domain maps included)
  • Weapons tracker to keep track of days needed to grab ascencion materials for your weapns
  • Daily chores/farms to be done(customizable). Never again forget to do mundane/daily tasks!
  • Gacha tracker(so you never again have to count your history of wishes to see when next 5* is coming) Click here for more
  • Wiki
  • Announcements when genshin has new updates/blog posts
  • Best routes for farming mobs
  • Best routes for specific resources
  • Wish simulator
  • Resin reminder (reminds you when your resin is full)
  • Mail
  • Minigames
  • Collectible chibis

User Commands

Command Arguments Description Example
g.artifacts [Blank] Brings up the stats and substats for every artifact rarity g.artifacts
g.chibis [Blank] Display case for all the chibis g.chibis
g.gacha [Blank] Wishes tracker for your wishes in genshin. More info at the end of the page HERE g.gacha
g.give [Blank] Gives a user primogems g.give @Erwin 100 [Blank] Provides a link to this page [Blank] Provides info about the guild, the user, and the bot page
g.invite [Blank] Sends an embed containing the invite for the bot, with a redirect to the support page g.invite
g.mail [Blank] Shows your inbox, be sure to claim your rewards! g.mail
g.profile [Blank] Brings up the profile of the user and their chibis g.profile
g.reminders [Blank] lists available reminders subcommands(adding info soon) g.reminders
g.reminders c [Blank] ALIASES c, chars, characters. Brings up the menu for character selection g.reminders chars
g.reminders weapons [Blank] ALIASES overrides. Brings manual selection for week days for reminders g.reminders weapons
g.reminders farms [Blank] ALIASES daily brings the daily tasks to choose and be reminded of, this is super handy g.reminders daily
g.reminders vote [Blank] Enable or disable vote reminders g.reminders vote
g.reminders timezone [Blank] ALIASES time, zone, servers. Select your time region at which the bot will consider a new day to remind you about the next day's reminders g.reminders timezone
g.resin [0-160] Adds a timer that will remind you based on how much resin you want to wait for g.resin 40
g.resources [Resource-Name] A Genshin resource to be searched, will bring routes that you should farm to gather that specific resource quickly g.resource snapdragon
g.routes [Blank] Shows some of the popular farming routes for Genshin, handy if you are grinding high level characters g.routes
g.simulator [Blank] Genshin impact wish simulator g.simulator
g.sub [Blank] Enable reminders to be sent when you start genshin(once a day, resets at UTC-8, Genshin daily reset for: 天空岛, 世界树 ,TW, HK, MO , Asia) g.sub
g.tubby [Blank] Enable reminders for Tubby (Tea Pot Crafting) when your furniture finishes crafting g.tubby
g.unsub [Blank] Disable reminders to be sent when you start genshin g.unsub [Character_Name] Brings up a indepth wiki and builds regarding the searched character Klee
g.wish [Blank] Brings the brand new Chibi gacha minigame using primogems g.wish

Admin Commands

Command Arguments Description Example
g.settings [Blank] Brings all current settings for your guild(permissions may be required) g.settings
g.settings prefix [Blank] Bring all info about the current prefix in the guild g.settings prefix !
g.settings prefix set/change [prefix(max 3 characters)] Changes the prefix for the whole guild g.settings prefix set !
g.settings announcements enable [Blank] Enables announcement messages to be sent on the guild g.settings announcements enable
g.settings announcements disable [Blank] Disables announcement messages to be sent on the guild g.settings announcements disable
g.settings announcements output [#channel-name] Forces announcement messages to be sent to a specific channel g.settings announcements output #genshin-announcements
g.settings clear enable [Blank] Enables the auto message clearer after 10 minutes g.settings clear enable
g.settings clear disable [Blank] Disables the auto message clearer g.settings clear disable
g.settings reminders enable [Blank] Enables reminders messages to be sent on the guild g.settings reminders enable
g.settings reminders disable [Blank] Disables reminders messages to be sent on the guild g.settings reminders disable
g.settings reminders output [#channel-name] Forces messages from the reminders to be sent to a specific channel g.settings reminders output #general


  • Yoroshi (Yoroshi#9495) - API contributor and Wrapper SDK helper - Website
  • Savvy (ֆǟʋɨȶǟʀ#1247) - Wiki Builds editor/maintainer
  • Chills (僕はChillsです#1546) - Wiki Builds editor/maintainer
  • Gobelyn - Wiki Builds image creator - Twitter
  • PKRob (PKRob#7141) - Beta Tester
  • The Megadocs Team - providing Info for the artifacts command - MegaDocs
  • The Genshin fandom wiki Team - Allowing Scrapping and data sourcing - Wiki
  • The Game8 Wiki Team - Data Sourcing - Wiki
  • Shine - For providing early support on Tenhas Server - Youtube
  • Fate (✧FͥAͣTͫE✧#1577) - For the chibis assets - Twitter
  • WorldOfTeyVat - Providing Images for wiki Twitter

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