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A bot with many MODERATION , MEMES , MEDIA and FUN commands, you can find many fun commands and can create memes!






This bot has many MODERATION - MEMES - MEDIA - FUN commands for you guys, we specially made this bot for you and your server.

Commands -

u.dev Developer of this bot

u.about About ulob

u.joke Shows a random joke

u.support Support Server

u.cookie @user Gives the mentioned person a cookie

u.slap @user Slaps The Mentioned User

u.hug @user Hugs The Mentioned User

u.punch @user Punch A User

u.boom Blow It Off

u.flip Flip A Coin

u.truth Truth Or Dare | Truth

u.dare Truth Or Dare | Dare

u.kill @user Kill The Mentioned User

u.ban @user Ban's a User from the Server

u.afk [Message] Set's an AFK message for a user

u.report @user Allows users to report another member. All reports will be stored in a channel named 'reports'. Bot must have permission to create channels.

u.suggest [Message here] Allows a user to make a suggestion. All suggestions are stored in a 'suggestions' channel. Bot must have permission to create channels.

u.invite Generates the invite link for the bot and posts it in the server.

u.kick @user Kicks a User from the Server

u.say [Message here] Broadcasts a message in the channel

u.ping Gets the Ping of the Server and Bot.

u.purge [Number of messages] Deletes a number of messages in a channel.

u.memes Returns a list of meme templates.

u.create_meme <#id> <quote1, quote2,> Creates a meme from a supplied template ID

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