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Hazel is a Social bot, having commands which are an extension to the popular Yggdrasil Bot's Phone commands, along with other Cool Commands!


>> and =






Hazel is already in 100 servers, and since it hasn't been verified yet, it cannot be added to any more. This page will be updated once the verification is complete :)

Bot Info =>

Hazel is a Fun bot which keeps you connected with users even when your server is inactive!

With this bot, you can:

=> Join a call with a random server using the >>userphone command.

=> DM users from random discord servers, using the >>dmphone command.*

=> Send requests to other servers to communicate with their users using the >>serverphone command.

=> Translate text from one language to another using the >>translate command.

=> View memes using the >>meme command.

=> Convert currencies using the >>currency command ..and much more!

*Users can block the bot if they don't want to be randomly dmed via dmphone, or they can reject the dmphone request when it shows up

Important Info =>

=> Use the >>help command to get a list of all available commands, and their uses!

=> Use the >>dmphone --online command to only DM online users.

=> Use the >>inv command to invite this bot to your servers!

=> The 2 bot prefixes are >> and =. So >>inv and =inv does the same thing.

=> Click Here to add my bot to your servers.

=> Click Here to join my support server for any help.

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