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Zephyr is a user-friendly Discord Bot that can turn your Server, into a Professional Server.


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I am happy to announce that ... Zephyr v2 is now ONLINE!

Many functions have been added and the WEB dashboard has been improved, if there are any problems, since it is in the experimental phase, we ask you to open a Ticket and let us know! I hope you enjoy our work, Zephyr Development Team


This Bot has many useful Plugins, that you can manage through the nice web dashboard, for example:

  • Embeds: Send custom embedded Messages in a specific channel.
  • Welcome/Leave Messages: Give new users who join the Server a nice Welcome Message.
  • Tickets: Allow users to open a Ticket for Staff Assistance.
  • Music: Listen to your favourite music on your Server.
  • Levels: Climb the Leaderboard and earn XP, simply by writing in the Chat.
  • Server Stats: Display Cool Statistics on top of your Server!
  • Soundboard: Play some funny Sound effects in a Voice Channel!
  • Youtube: Watch Youtube videos with your friends directly on your Server!

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