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Discord bot based on Music, Reddit, Poll, CSGO, Translate and Moderation!


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Levelling system is online!

Now you can gain xp points by using Berserker!

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Berserker bot based on Music, Reddit, Poll, Gaming, Translate and Moderation!

Use help for all commands!

Prefix Commands

  • setprefix - Sets custom prefix for this server (max 3 characters)

  • resprefix - Resets prefix to !

Music Commands

  • play - [youtube:url] or song name

  • play playlist [youtube playlist:url or playlist name] first of all use !play to play something then use playlist command! or it will not add the playlist-

  • skip - Skips the current song

  • skipto [number] skips to given song order! for song order !playlist

  • stop - Bot stops playing

  • volume - current volume | {0-100} sets bots volume

  • playlist - Current playing song and songs on the playlist

  • pause - pauses the music | if music is paused re-using !pause will resume the music

  • resume- resumes the music

  • del - [number] or last added song - deletes the song from playlist

  • lyrics - lyrics of the currently playing song or specified song

Bot Commands

  • userinfo - {@user} or direct command gives information about user

  • serverinfo - gives information about server

  • ping - Latency to API

  • uptime - Uptime of bot

  • sug [message] - direct message to bot owner for possible bug or suggestions

  • remind (d,h,m,s) [message] - reminds message after desired time

  • reminders - Shows current reminders

  • trn - Translates from any language to English or English to Turkish

  • weather {city} - weather info of the city

  • invite - generates invite link for server{"Create invite" perm required} | {perm} permanent invite link[Admin only]

  • botinvite - Berserker's invite link to invite your server

  • poll - [poll title] [options(a b c)] [time in seconds] opens multiple choice poll

  • *qrcreate - Creating qr code

  • qrdecode - Decoding qr code

Reddit Commands

  • reddit [subreddit] - random posts from given subreddit

  • redditus [user] - random posts from given reddit user

  • reddituser [user] - Reddit User information

Gaming Commands

  • csgo - {usd} {item name} - market price list on USD

  • csgo - {item name} - market price list on TRY

  • csgostats - {steamid or profileid} - csgo stats of player

  • msckin - [mc-nickname] minecraft skins of the player

Moderation Commands

  • clear {amount} - clears amount of messages[Admin only]

  • ban @mentioned - bans user from server[ban perm or admin only]

  • kick @mentioned - kick user from server[kick perm or admin only]

  • slowmode - time ( like 1h20s) - set slowmode to the channel Re-suing slowmode will be removed [manage channels perm or admin only]

Leveling system

-Note: Berserker Registering system is not seperate for every server. It is the same for the user for any server!

  • levelreg - Registering user to the database

  • level - Current level and xp

  • leveldel - Deleting the user from database

  • levelbg [link] - Sets custom image background to the level system | Use levelbg to reset to the default

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