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Just a normal bot to get latest RONB fb posts to your discord channel.






Bot can't be added to anymore servers !!

This bot is now in 100 servers and can't be added to any more servers till it gets verified, which might take 10-15 days. So till then new servers can follow our announcement channel to receive RONB posts in your server. Join the server and follow the routiney channel: Server Invite code: ehRSPHuTDy


यो बोट रुटुने को आधिकारिक बोट होेईन

New posts from RONB will automatically get posted to your discord channel almost instantly! Currently, live videos are not supported. Alternatively, you can use TweetShift bot to fetch latest RONB posts from twitter.


  • Invite the bot to your server (guild).
  • Enter r! in any text channel to check if the bot is feeling comfortable in your server
  • Enter r!sub in a text channel where you want to receive latest RONB posts
  • Use r!unsub to unsubscribe
  • r!help shows you list of all available commands
  • r!faq to see FAQs
  • To get bot's invite link, use r!invite


  • Fun command- oa
  • Enable/Disable oa command- r!oa
  • Enable/disable repost feature- r!repost

Extra features:

  • Apart from posting latest RONB posts, this bot also posts गजब छ बा! by Abin Shrestha published every week on Kantipur newspaper.
  • At the end of every month, top 5 most active guilds are announced.

P.S: RONB or Routine of Nepal Banda is the most popular (#1) social media news platform of Nepal. And 'Routiney' is kinda its nickname.

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