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Servers will be protected


Command General
M/help This provides the help document
M/about Info Channels
M/serverinfo Information Servers
M/roles info all roles server
M/userinfo info account discord
M/invite Link Bot
M/support Link Server to support bot
------ ------
Command Moderation
------ ------
M/ban For ban someone
M/kick For kick someone
M/mute For mute someone
M/unmute For unmute someone
M/lock For lock channel
M/unlock For unlock channel
M/clear For clear Massage
M/bans Info Bans server
------ ------
Command Security
------ ------
M/anti role Safe add role
M/anti channel C/D Safe Channels Servers
M/anti bot (on/off) Safe Add bot Fake
M/setting Info Security

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