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A multipurpose and multi language Discord Bot made for your Discord Server!


r/ (configurable)


Rimpllee has been created for you and here to grow your current Discord Server!
We also have some custom features, custom prefix & a lot of customization options! Press here to see our full documentation.
Our default prefix is r/ you can change this prefix using: r/setprefix [new prefix]

Our Features

  • Custom Ticket System
  • Profesional Moderation System
  • Verification System
  • Several Discord Utilities

Custom Ticket System

Down below is a short explaination of our Custom Ticket System! You can check the full documentation by visiting our website! By visiting our website you will see a Quick Start Guide for an easy installation!

Available Ticket Commands

r/new - Create a new ticket.
r/close - Close a ticket.
r/add - Add an user to the ticket.
r/remove - Remove an user from your ticket.
r/rename - Rename your ticket.
r/ticketpanel - Create a ticket react panel.
r/transcript - Receive a ticket transcript.

r/ticketsettings - Change your global ticket settings here! ⤵
In your Ticket Settings you can change the category new tickets will be placed in, our you can set a role that is able to see tickets. You can change the text of all the messages and a lot more!

Professional Moderation System

We offer an Professional Moderation System that you can use for free! Including a advanced Logging System! Down below we have an list of available commands, so if you have any questions you can always join our Support Discord!

Available Moderation Commands

r/ban - Ban an user in you Discord.
r/unban - Unban a banned your in your Discord.
r/kick - Kick a user in your Discord.
r/clear - Clear messages in your Discord.
r/warn - Give a user a warn.
r/unwarn - Remove a warn from a user.
r/warns - Check your or someone elses warns.

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