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Gamble Bot is an economy system that uses a digital fake currency that you can gamble.






Prefix Aliases Description Example
General Commands
g!ghelp - Help for the help g!ghelp
g!commandsinfo PM's you the command info g!commandsinfo
g!howtoplay g!htp How to play Gamble Bot g!howtoplay
g!invite - Invite link for the bot g!invite
g!oreinfo - See the info for ores (mining) g!oreinfo
g!zombieinfo g!zi, g!zinfo See the info for zombies (killing) g!zombieinfo
g!ranksinfo - See the info for the wealth ranks g!ranksinfo
g!donator - Donator info, link to donate, and donator status g!donator
g!id - Display's your Discord ID g!id
g!resetstats - Reset your economy stats. Money, Kills, Wins/Loses, or All. It does not reset your Prestige or Prestige Points. g!resetstats [money] or [kills] or [wins/loses] or [all]
Overworld Commands
g!balance g!bal Check your wallet and bank balance g!balance @user
g!profile g!p, g!pro Check your stats g!prefix [!]
g!changeimage g!ci Change your image of your Balance and Profile.You need to be prestige g!changeimage [url]
g!withdraw g!with Withdraw G-points from your bank into your wallet g!withdraw [amount]
g!deposit g!dep Deposit G-points from your wallet into your bank g!deposit [amount]
g!give - Give user G-points from your wallet g!give @user [amount]
g!leaderboard g!lb Check most wealth from all users g!leaderboard
g!rob - Rob a user from their wallet. If they have a shield from the shop, it blocks your rob. g!rob @user
g!shop g!s Check the shop to buy items g!shop
g!buy - Buy an item from the shop g!buy [amount] [item]
g!inventory g!inv, g!i Check your items in your inventory g!inventory @user
g!sell - Sell items from your inventory g!sell [amount] [item]
g!giveitem !gi Give an item from your inventory to another user g!giveitem @user [amount] [item]
g!hourly - Get hourly G-points g!hourly
g!daily - Get daily G-points g!daily
g!weekly - Get weekly G-points. Donator only command g!weekly
g!mine - Mine for ores. You can later sell the ores for G-points or keep them in your inventory. User's who are in the support server get double the XP. g!donator
g!twitch g!t, g!ttv Twitch stats: views, followers, subs, and total earned. You become verified at 10,000 subs. g!twitch
g!stream - Stream on Twitch for views, followers, and subs. You get 1.5 G-Points per new sub. You also get double the views, followers, and viewers when verified. Donator's get double the views, followers, subs, and viewers. g!stream
g!host - Host a user to give them subs on Twitch Donator's give double the amount. g!host [user]
g!twitchleaderboard g!tleaderboard, g!tlb Check most subs on Twitch g!twitchleaderboard
g!youtube g!y, g!yt YouTube stats: views, subs, likes, dislikes, and total earned. You become verified at 100,000 subs. g!youtube
g!upload - Upload on YouTube for views and subs. You get 1 G-Points per 1,000 views. You also get double the views, subs, and likes when verified. Donator's get double the subs, views, and likes. g!upload
g!shoutout - Shoutout a user to give them subs on YouTube Donator's give double the amount. g!shoutout [user]
g!youtubeleaderboard g!yleaderboard, g!ylb Check most subs on YouTube g!youtubeleaderboard
g!prestige Prestige. Get 1 prestige token. Removes all balance except 1% of it. g!prestige
g!prestigeinfo g!pi, g!pinfo Prestige info g!prestigeinfo
g!prestigeshop g!pshop, g!ps Prestige shop g!prestigeshop
g!pinventory g!pinv, g!pi Check your prestige inventory g!pgi
g!pgiveitem g!pgi Give an item from your prestige inventory to another user g!pgi
g!use - Use an item g!use [amount] [item]
Gambling Commands
g!flip - Flip your bet 50/50. g!flip [amount]
g!highlow g!hl Play highlow g!hl [amount]
g!slots - Play slots g!slots [amount]
g!crash - Play crash g!crash [amount]
g!blackjack g!bj Play blackjack vs bot g!blackjack [amount]
g!lottery - Guess the lottery number g!lottery [amount]
Underworld Commands
g!kills - Check your kills g!kills @user
g!kill - Kill zombies User's who are in the support server get double the XP. g!kill
g!zleaderboard g!zlb Check most kills from all users g!zleaderboard
g!zshop g!zs Check the zshop to buy items g!zshop
g!zinventory g!zinv, g!zi Check your items in your zinventory g!zinventory @user
g!zgiveitem !zgi Give an item from your zinventory to another user g!zgiveitem @user [amount] [item]
G-Points Abbreviations
- - 1k = 1,000 g!flip 1k
- - 1m = 1,000,000 g!flip 1m
- - 1b = 1,000,000,000 g!flip 1b
- - 1t = 1,000,000,000,000 g!flip 1t
- - 1quad = 1,000,000,000,000,000 g!flip 1quad
- - 1quin = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 g!flip 1quin
- - 1sex = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 g!flip 1sex
- - 1sep = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 g!flip 1sep
- - 1oct = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 g!flip 1oct
- - 1non = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 g!flip 1non
- - 1dec = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 g!flip 1dec

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