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Excel-like Pandas Data frame Functionality on Discord



This project is an attempt to wrap a couple "excel-like" functions into a python-scripted discord bot. At the moment it is relatively primitive, and it merely includes a couple file operation and column/row manipulation commands.


There is a range of dataframe manipulation features, including but not limited to:

  • creating tables
  • appending rows and columns to dataframes
  • sorting a dataframe by row or column
  • computing the totals for a column.

The table is printed in a tabular format every time it is amended, in a format like this:


In addition, you have the ability to perform up to 10 undo's.

For a quick walkthrough, head to the README file on my Github Repository.


A possible application of "Panxcel" is a scoreboard tool on discord. Hopefully it will find its way into something more than this!


Currently all of the tables are stored in pickles (a binary format) on an online public repository. Tables for each serves are stored in a dedicated folder. These files can easily be accessible and read by anyone with a knowledge of unpickiling files on python. Please refrain from storing confidential information in these tables.

Just a little bit more about Panxcel.....

Why is the bot called "Panxcel" you say? Because the bot runs with Python's "Pandas" dataframes, and for most people using this bot, they will probably associate this with "Excel". And incidentally it sounds like ✏️ pencil. Hence the name "Panxcel"!

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