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Does a load of fun commands for you to find out! this bot took a long time to make so i really hope people enjoy it :)



Hello, here is a list of fun commands for you and your friends to try out!!!

Direct Commands: !hello, !inspire, !version, !help, !whois {@user}, !add a b, !subtract a b, !power a b, !divide a b, !multiply a b, !percent a b, !time eastern, !time pacific, !8ball, !server, !gcount Conversation Commands Message with a sad word, Message with a happy word, Message with a thankful word, hey/hello/hi jeffy bot, (but) im Arjun, bye jeffy Secret Commands: Jeffy, no one likes you, laptop, Cyberbot, Max, !no, hey jeeper, bigger poo Fun/Games: !dice roll, !play {youtube link}, !stop, !pause, !resume, !leave, !meme, !tictactoe {@user} {@user}, !roast, !8ball, !comeback, !sloth, !eyebleach, !embedfail Jeffy Points/Money: !balance, !beg, !bank, !cash, !meme, !art, !bigmac, !building, !search for acces to administrative commands contact πŸ§¬π”Έπ•£π•›π•¦π•Ÿπ•‹π•™π•–π•€π•žπ•‘π• π•€π•₯π•–π•£πŸ§¬#3018

Go here for our server:

Go here for the bot:

Go here for our website(Work in progress, our website is a temporary website as we are in the middle of coding an official website. but for now we have used googles website creator to server as a temporary website):

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