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A multi purpose bot used for things like giving hugs to playing rock paper scissors to telling the weather of certain locations and more!!






A bot that helps you to express yourself better in your chats by providing suitable gifs for different emotions that may not always be conveyed by words. Slender focuses on making sure that the chat looks a little more vivid with the various gifs that can be used by the members of the server while making sure that gifs are completely sfw and create an atmosphere that makes it more fun to have some heated discussions with your friends and you express every little point with a gif. You no longer need to go through the hard work as slender does it for you. Slender focuses on some of the main emotions that we often convey in our day-to-day chat anger, happiness, crying and of course we all love to kill that one annoying person on the server who does an @everyone ping and then vanishes. The gifs that slender displays circle around the scenes from animes and are often best for portraying the mood. Slender also has a small sense of humor that is limited to certain things for now. When you type some words slender automatically declares you as an animal and the words have been phrased in such a way that the words rhyme beautifully and might bring a smile on your face and it can lead to a competition on which one rhymes the best. " Slender beepbeep slender is a sheep " you will often find yourself thinking as to what is this and why is this while enjoying it. Haven't you ever felt like checking what kind of weather is your friend experiencing or hey it's pretty fun to check out other location's weather when you are enjoying awesome weather or a bad one. Slender can tell you the weather and temperature of any official city with 99.99% accuracy. One of the many things that we always worry about is how good is my net and what is the ping that I am getting? slender has got you covered in that too. Slender can tell you exactly how much ping you are getting. Lastly, we all have times when we are alone and need a way to pass time you have your friend slender who can play rock paper scissors with you. It ensures fair play so win or lose is pure luck.

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