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A advanced Roblox Verification/API bot, allowing you to manage your group by running simple commands.


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RoPro is an roblox verification/utility bot serving the purpose of being completely free. The goal of RoPro is of getting better and better. The bot receives regular updates such as new features! The current version of the bot has 2 modules the groups and the verification module, use help to view the commands of them. There are many more features planned.


  • Give discord users roles depending on their group rank
  • Easy binding of ranks
  • Control the roles from users in your group by running a simple command
  • Custom nickname formatting
  • Custom acronyms for roles
  • Link multiple groups
  • Custom prefix `!cprefix`
  • Configure your shout by running a simple command
  • Exile users from your group by running a simple command called exile
  • Manage your join requests by running simple commands
  • Custom modifyable role that grants commands to run commands such as promote
  • Verified/Unverified roles

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