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OrcaBot has: BlackList command Fun commands Moderation commands Game commands Bot has support Discord server: https://discord.gg/WuUb3NeNvQ






First co-owner of this bot is Poak#2155

24/7 online

Economy system🚌
Black list +set-bl and word that you wanna to bot delete💣
Kick and Ban (Moderation)

Reaction role accept custom emoji (better embed comming soon!)

Music leave and join (Music)

Report a member (Moderation), can use anybody🚨

Welcome message (We must fix a image)

Tic Tac Toe (Game, Fun)🎮

Meme command (Fun)🤣 Suggestion command to members can tell what you can add to your server

Say command (Fun)

Server info command

Beg command (Economy)

Lock and Unlock the channels command (Moderation)

Balance command to see you balance (Economy system)

Deposit command (Economy system)

Widthdraw command (Economy system)

Wikipedia search command (Fun)📦

Pol command (Fun)

Mute and Unmute (We must fix to bot doesn't make new role....But he can if you want)

Clear message (Moderation)

Avatar command (Fun)

Spirit command (+spirit ask bot a question and he will answer) And lot of more 😊

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