Virtual Fisher


Virtual Fisher is all about fishing; collect fish, sell them to buy upgrades, compete with your friends, and more!

Virtual Fisher Commands Prefix: %

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Virtual Fisher is a bot about fishing.
Collect fish using %fish. Then sell them using %sell.
There are dozens of upgrades to buy that improve your fishing abilities in some way or another.
Compete with your friends with lifetime statistics and leaderboards.
Whether you play casually, or go all in for leaderboard stats, we got something for you.

Command List:
%fish - Catch some fish!
%shop - Check out the shop.
%inventory - Open your inventory.
%sell - Sell fish you caught.
%buy - Purchase an item from the shop.
%bait - Select your bait.
%rod - Select a different rod to use.
%daily - Get your daily reward.
%stats - check your stats.
%quests - List of quests.
Other Commands:
%top - Check out the leaderboards.
%info - Information about the bot.
%color - Show off your progress by changing your sidebar color.