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Virtual Fisher is all about fishing; collect fish, sell them to buy upgrades, compete with your friends, and more!


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Virtual Fisher is a very unique and fun economy game centered on fishing that is enjoyed by many.
It incorporates several features from rods, baits, and boats, to more traditional commands, such as coinflip and leaderboards, to keep the game fresh and interesting.
Since the bot was created in September 2019, over 200,000 individual users have played the game, and it is enjoyed by players in more than 35,000 servers.
To start your journey, type %fish to cast your rod and catch fish.
Fish can be sold for money, which is used to buy items and upgrades such as higher quality rods and valuable perks.
Virtual Fisher is updated very often, so that we can provide our users with the best experience possible.
Whether you choose to play casually or become one of our more devoted players, Virtual Fisher will not fail to keep you entertained.

Main Command List:
%fish - Catch some fish!
%shop - Check out the shop.
%inventory - Open your inventory.
%sell - Sell fish you caught.
%bait - Select your bait.
%rod - Select a different rod to use.
%daily - Get your daily reward.
%stats - check your stats.
%quests - List of quests.
%top - Check out the leaderboards.

User Reviews


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avatar of 84v
84v 2 months ago

This bot has taken my life away


avatar of RiceCake420
RiceCake420 2 months ago

Favourite bot. Community is great and the bot is really addictive lol


avatar of ERROR!
ERROR! 2 months ago

Nice bot, but im still wondering how in hecks name to open a crate.


avatar of Zacerz
Zacerz 2 months ago

This bot is amazing. I definitely recommend it


avatar of D4rK
D4rK 2 months ago

Simple concept, great gameplay.


avatar of naaaaa
naaaaa 2 months ago

Very good and fun


avatar of botak
botak 2 months ago

since dank memer is off, i moved on to this bot and im starting to like it!


avatar of redskiez
redskiez 2 months ago

Takes your life away and then the dev team shits on you for being Chinese.


avatar of Wifle
Wifle 2 months ago

I am experiencing a bug on my server, the bot is still working on the disabled channels, i don't know how to fix it.

avatar of Virtual Fisher
Virtual Fisher 2 months ago

Hey there! We're sorry to hear you're having issues with the bot, if you'd like to provide us with more details you can join our official server and DM me some more information about the bug you're experiencing. Alternatively, you can try removing the bots permissions from certain channels to prevent users from fishing in those channels.

Replying to Wifle

avatar of extraspeedchickin
extraspeedchickin 2 months ago

i forgot what the prefix was why not add something that tells you your prefix so you dont forget lol


avatar of dafoots
dafoots 2 months ago

Great concept and community for people to grind.