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Catgirl Bot

A multipurpose bot combining the needs of many popular bots! A fully server-compatible bot which has insurmountable functions!






Breakdown of functions of Catgirl Bot:

Manage your server: Ban, Kick, Mute, Warn, Lock channel, Auto role, Giveaway and more available for admins with the touch of a keyboard

General Commands: Flip a coin, Get the general information of a user or a server, snipe deleted messages, snipe edited message, and more for anyone to use!

Voice Channel Commands: Play a TTS message in voice, Play a youtube video, and more!

Fun commands: Get a random image of a catgirl, information about a pokemon, information about the weather in a specified location, search for a youtube channel or a video, search a word or phrase up in a normal dictionary or an urban dictionary, and more!

As you can see, Catgirl bot is a multi-purpose bot. It’s developer is also pumping out updates daily, so why not invite it to your server and have a go? It’s much easier than setting up your typical “Dyno.” Please join the support server for any questions! Administrator permissions allowed for the bot are recommended!

For support or found bugs, please join the discord server:

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