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An easy to use multipurpose discord bot with 60+ commands! CheerBot has moderation, levelling, economy, social, memes, and much more!







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Description: Never feel down with CheerBot. CheerBot Is a motivational, moderation, music, apex legends tracker, fortnite tracker, translator, economy, levelling, trivia, meme creator, weather bot. CheerBot has endless commands, it can also do automod witch is great to stop racist messages and/or swearing, and more, CheerBot is always updating! CheerBot has so many different functions, and a active support server, with a ticket system and much more including fun games and much more, thanks for reading!

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Prefix: $

Help Commands: $help $server

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If you would like to support CheerBot though donating you can press the buttons above! You will the supporter role in the discord server, you will be able to get your own chat and be prioritised in tickets, all these benefits are can be picked up from £2 (around $2.79 dollars)!

To invite CheerBot please Copy and paste the links or press the buttons above if this does not work be sure to press the "invite button" or to join the server please press the "get support" button thanks for reading!

When you upvote you will get thanked in the #topgg-upvotes channel!

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